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Why do our nails become more brittle during pregnancy?

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Why do our nails become more brittle during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a period when a woman’s body undergoes many changes caused, among other things, by a storm of hormones. Some affect the body and organism positively, others just the opposite. The fact that vitamins and nutrients delivered to the body are shared between the mother and the child makes the appearance of skin, hair and nails may deteriorate. Unfortunately, many mothers-to-be complain about the problem of brittle nails during pregnancy. Check out how to strengthen the nail plate while expecting a baby

Pregnancy is a heavy burden on the body, and despite taking special care of your health and vitamin supplements, the condition of your nails may slightly deteriorate. Many pregnant women notice that their nails are not as strong and unbreakable as before. Therefore, during the 9 months of pregnancy it is worth to change the approach to nail care and make a few changes that will help maintain the aesthetic and healthy appearance of hands and feet

How to take care of nails during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time when moms have to go through a lot of changes, this also applies to the state of the nails. During the 9 months of pregnancy, the nail plate can be more brittle, so it is good to give up long nails in favor of short-cut ones. The best shape at this time will be slightly rounded on the edges of the almond, which will ensure that any mechanical damage will not immediately cause breakage

The best liking for taking care of your nails will be to give them some time off from artificial varnishes and cosmetic products. Products containing acetone such as nail polish removers can further weaken already fragile nails. A great way to strengthen the plate will be to rub some natural oil into it

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