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These closet pieces every new mom will love

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These closet pieces every new mom will love

For every woman, motherhood is an extraordinary time. It is important not to push your needs into the background during these first few months. Every woman wants to feel attractive, so it is worth bet on such items of clothing, which will be comfortable to wear, and at the same time will beautifully emphasize the silhouette of a young mother and hide any figure flaws

Ideal clothes for a young mother

Unfortunately, but many women try to squeeze into their old clothes immediately after pregnancy, which effectively spoils their mood. It is certain that the pregnancy belly disappears, but not at an express pace. Another mistake is still wearing maternity clothes after pregnancy. Fact – they mask extra pounds and belly after childbirth, while making the young mother does not feel attractive at all. To begin with, it is worth buying clothes that are tailored to your new lifestyle. Below are the items of clothing that every young mom should have in her closet

  1. Blouses for breastfeeding

With the amount of this type of clothing is not worth exaggerating, but they are extremely useful. The beginnings of breastfeeding are difficult, because you need to develop a proper routine and technique with your baby, and uncomfortable clothes certainly don’t make it easier. Breastfeeding blouses facilitate this activity – a young mother does not have to strip off half of her clothes to feed her baby. Shirts and t-shirts usually have open necklines, which make it easier for the baby to access the breast. The selection of breastfeeding clothes is very large. In the assortment of stores you can find both sports blouses and elegant shirts that make it easier to feed the baby in public places

  1. Elegant unbuttoned shirt

If we are breastfeeding and we do not want to wear blouses intended for this purpose everywhere, an unbuttoned shirt will be an ideal element of our closet. We are talking about its elegant and fitted version, emphasizing the feminine silhouette. Nice clothes increase the self-esteem of a young mother, especially when going out with friends or at family meetings. Such a shirt can be quickly unbuttoned, which makes feeding the baby very easy. A good option will also be an oversize model – a dress shirt. This cut will help hide the “hiding” belly and give comfort to the newly-born mother. What to wear this item with? The most fashionable with vinyl or leather leggings

  1. Breastfeeding bra

This is a must-have item of clothing for every new mom. This is one of the most useful “gadgets” that you can get as a gift. During this period the breasts are very sensitive, so the bra should be as close as possible to the silhouette. Thanks to such underwear you can easily expose a part of your breasts necessary for feeding. Thanks to such a bra a woman feels comfortable feeding the baby, even in the company of other people. The breast pad is extremely easy to replace, without removing the whole bra. It is worth having several breastfeeding bras in the closet. It is best to choose bras in neutral colors, e.g. black, white and beige

  1. Jacket

Another must-have in young mom’s closet is an elegant jacket. Can be matched with almost everything. Matches both sports T-shirts and elegant blouses. The jacket looks great when combined with jeans, fabric pants or skirts. Many stores offer casual jackets. They are made of soft material, which fits the body beautifully. What is important – they do not hinder movement. They are a great choice for a walk with a child in the park or coffee with a friend. They conceal figure imperfections and bring out the best of your figure

  1. Flat sole shoes

Shoes for young mom have to be comfortable first of all. Unfortunately, motherhood has its own rules. From now on both the baby carriage and the bag with baby accessories will become an inseparable element of everyday stylizations. So it is worth betting on comfortable shoes on flat soles. Of course, we do not advise you to throw high-heeled shoes away. You will still need them, but not for everyday walks to the park

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