Nails for childbirth – are you allowed to get a manicure or pedicure?

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Nails for childbirth – are you allowed to get a manicure or pedicure?

The topic of painting nails for the duration of childbirth has become quite controversial, as very different opinions circulate. The most popular one is that a woman for the duration of childbirth should have “clean” nails, both toes and hands, because the color of the plate can be information for doctors that with the patient happens something disturbing. Very many people say that this thesis applies only to women who give birth by cesarean section, because the color of the nails can help detect abnormalities after the administration of anesthesia. However, a huge number of women come to the delivery room anyway with perfect manicures

Painted or natural, what should the nails be for childbirth? This question seems so unimportant in the face of a huge event, which is giving birth to a child, but searching the Internet it is difficult to find a clear answer. For many mothers-to-be, painted and aesthetically pleasing nails is a very important matter, which is hard to give up. Read what can help you make the right decision about painting your nails during childbirth

Natural childbirth or C-section and painted nails

When a mother gives birth by natural childbirth, the color of her nails is not an important issue for the medical team. However, it is worth remembering that any natural childbirth can be terminated by a cesarean section, and it is during the action of anesthesia, the color of the plate can be useful for the anesthesiologist. Natural nail plate allows for a quick assessment of whether the body of a young mother is okay. Currently, more and more often the level of blood circulation is tested with a pulse oximeter. Earlier, when this type of equipment was not common in hospitals, the doctor checked whether the fingernails of the expectant mother turn blue, which meant that the circulation is poor and appropriate medication should be administered. Applying a pulse oximeter to a painted nail can cause the result to be falsified

It’s best to ask the doctor in charge of your pregnancy before delivery what he or she thinks about painting nails for the delivery room, or call the hospital to ask about the standards imposed at the facility. This way, we will avoid unnecessary stress and be properly prepared for the day the baby decides to come out into the world

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