The prenatal bond, what is it and how to nurture it?

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The prenatal bond, what is it and how to nurture it?

Did you know that the baby in mom’s belly very quickly hears sounds from outside and can recognize your voice? Even though your little one is not physically with you yet, it is worth starting to build a prenatal bond from the earliest stages of pregnancy. By building a relationship with mom and dad at this early stage, the baby develops better and catches more stimuli from the outside world. Learn simple ways to nurture a bond with your yet-to-be-born baby

Prenatal bonding helps young parents get used to their new role and life changes. Talking to the belly, singing to the baby or stroking the place where you feel the kicks makes the presence of the little one more real and tangible. Through such practices, mom and dad build a bond with their baby, and she is likely to develop better. More interaction with the outside world means that the baby comes into the world with a better-formed nervous system. Studies clearly show that babies who hear their parents’ voice are more active, which can be observed on ultrasound or simply by feeling more kicks

Prenatal bond – what is worth knowing about it?

Both the role of mom and dad are very important during the child’s development. That’s why it’s worth taking the time to talk to the tummy together and perform acts of affection towards it. When you place your hand on the pregnant woman’s belly, the baby feels warmth and instinctively moves closer to the area where your hand lies. It is worth knowing that the baby may even hear the daddy’s voice more clearly, as men usually have lower and more loud voices

A baby who is still present in the womb can feel safer, and this is reflected in the baby’s disposition after birth. Newborns who felt a strong prenatal bond with their parents are usually calmer, easier to smother their cries and lull them for example by singing their favorite lullaby

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