Not just nausea and no period. Learn about unusual pregnancy symptoms

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Not just nausea and no period. Learn about unusual pregnancy symptoms

Do you think that you know everything about the symptoms of pregnancy and nothing can surprise you? Find out what could indicate a different condition and what you may not have known until now!

Unusual pregnancy symptoms will surprise you

The topic of potential pregnancy and motherhood has accompanied women since their youth. If not in their own context, then certainly they hear a lot about it from conversations of older than themselves family members or among friends.

The list of things that can indicate a different condition is well known. No period, nausea – these are the first signals for the future mother. Also soreness and tenderness of the breasts and irritability and growing tiredness may indicate that a woman is expecting a baby. However, there are also completely unusual pregnancy symptoms that can really surprise you!


Did you know that a lot of women don’t even know they’re pregnant yet and already complain of… severe headaches? Yes, this is one of the unusual symptoms of pregnancy. You don’t even expect that a headache can be a sign of conception. Strong pressure on the temples or pain in the back of the head is unfortunately nothing pleasant, but everything is simply the fault of pregnancy hormones and water retention in the tissues

How to deal with pregnancy headaches? After all, this is the time when it is inadvisable to use most painkillers. Opt for minimally invasive methods. Rest in a dark and cool room, apply compresses to the forehead. Massaging your temples is also a good idea.


Snoring and blocked nose

Have you noticed that you snore a lot lately and have a blocked nose? Better take a pregnancy test. All of this can be the fault of a greater than usual blood supply to the mucous membranes in your nose. This makes them swollen, so it will be much more difficult for you to breathe through your nose.

Of course, snoring is not a threat to your pregnancy, but it is uncomfortable. You may find that saline sprays can help. You should also make sure that the room you are in is well-moisturized.

Dark spots on the skin

Pregnancy is sometimes associated with skin changes-called dark spots. Although they may give you sleepless nights, don’t worry. They will disappear on their own after the birth. Their appearance is associated with an increased amount of melanin in your body. So don’t worry about these changes, if anything, opaque makeup will help.


You probably didn’t expect this! Yes, drooling is one of the unusual symptoms of a different condition. It usually accompanies moms-to-be who are also bothered by nausea. Although doctors do not agree on why it occurs, as usual, everything can simply be blamed on hormones. If you want to relieve yourself, brush your teeth often, suck on candy or chew gum. As a consolation: it goes away after the first trimester.

Other Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

The pregnancy symptoms we have listed are not the only unusual attractions that await you during your blessed state. You may also find that you are experiencing insomnia, strong vaginal discharge, numbness in your hands, or that you often lose your balance. It is worth remembering that all symptoms of pregnancy, although sometimes unpleasant, simply pass quickly. So try not to worry about it

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