Did you drink wine or smoke before you found out you were pregnant? We check whether such activity could have been dangerous for the fetus

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Did you drink wine or smoke before you found out you were pregnant? We check whether such activity could have been dangerous for the fetus

Many moms-to-be do not immediately know that they are in a blessed state. What does this mean in practice? Only that they function normally, that is, they go to parties, consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes. What then happens to the baby? Can such behavior in the first trimester of pregnancy be harmful to the baby?

Pregnancy and stimulants

During pregnancy it is necessary to take special care of ourselves. At that time we care not only about ourselves, but also about the unborn baby. That is why what we eat and how we function on a daily basis is so important. During the first trimester of pregnancy, many women do not even realize that they are expecting a baby. This usually happens when the pregnancy is unplanned. During this time, slight breast enlargement or odor sensitivity can go virtually unnoticed. Some women even have no symptoms at all. What then? We usually live a normal life, that is, we consume alcohol, smoke cigarettes, etc. When our period is late, we begin to suspect that something is wrong and take a pregnancy test. When it comes out that there is a toddler developing in our belly, we start to panic that we may have harmed our baby. Fortunately, during the first period of pregnancy, our body naturally protects the baby from various external factors. Therefore, if you happened to smoke a cigarette or several or were at a party, as a rule you have nothing to fear.

Alcohol in pregnancy

According to studies, consumption of alcohol during pregnancy risks serious impairment of the fetus. The baby may then be born with low birth weight and underdevelopment called FAS. What is its manifestation? First, a number of defects in mental development. The child is slower to acquire knowledge, finds it difficult to concentrate, and is more prone to addictions. On top of that, it is accompanied by a characteristic appearance, especially in the face. Therefore, as soon as you find out that you are pregnant, immediately stop the consumption of alcoholic beverages until the period when you stop breastfeeding the baby. This will help you avoid many diseases, and your little one will grow and develop wonderfully like his peers.

How does tobacco affect the fetus?

Smoking cigarettes during pregnancy is certainly not good for the baby. It significantly affects the volume of its lungs, as well as disturbing its birth weight. Therefore, it is worth keeping this in mind when you reach for another cigarette. Researchers’ studies show that quitting tobacco products by the 30th week of pregnancy minimizes the risk of these dysfunctions appearing in the baby. Of course, it’s best to quit cigarettes as soon as you find out you’re expecting. If you have a problem with this, it is worth thinking about what happens to your baby while you are enjoying a “smoke”. Smoking causes fetal hypoxia and exposes the fetus to carcinogens. Also dangerous are drugs or strong medicines, which are forbidden to take during pregnancy! In such a situation, it is worth remembering not only your health, but, above all, the baby that is developing inside you.

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