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Dry Body Brushing. Can this home treatment be done during pregnancy?

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Dry Body Brushing. Can this home treatment be done during pregnancy?

Dry body brushing is a very popular way to have smoother and more supple skin. It is enough to spend several minutes each day massaging the body with a special brush to see visible results. This treatment is best done before a morning shower or evening bath, because it removes dead skin. Why is this treatment recommended for people of all ages? Because in a simple way stimulates blood circulation, firms the skin, and the whole can be done at home and in convenient conditions. Can you dry brush your body while pregnant?

Dry body brushing is designed to stimulate the lymphatic system, this is not always a desirable state when pregnant. Especially the first trimester of pregnancy, when all the organs of the baby are just forming, as well as the last weeks of pregnancy should be a special time when the mother pays special attention to the safety of the baby. As a rule, with a normal course of pregnancy there are no clear contraindications for this type of care. However, before starting the adventure with body brushing during pregnancy, it is worth asking your doctor for permission for this type of care

Dry body brushing during pregnancy

Body brushing during pregnancy can be completely safe, but the condition is that there is no risk of miscarriage, no spotting and the consent of the attending physician. It is worth remembering that the massage with a brush should be done starting from the feet and moving to higher parts of the body. The movement of the tool should always be directed towards the heart, i.e. when brushing the abdomen or thighs we always pull the brush upwards. Brushing, especially if done regularly, can bring great results. It improves the condition and condition of the skin and can reduce the amount and depth of stretch marks that appear during pregnancy. Even when your doctor doesn’t recommend brushing during your pregnancy, it can be a great form of relaxation for a young mom once the baby arrives

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