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What are the types of baby carriers and what should you consider when buying one?

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What are the types of baby carriers and what should you consider when buying one?

More and more parents decide to buy a baby carrier. Thanks to it they have their hands free, which allows them to perform many activities, for example shopping. However, not all baby carriers are safe, so what to look for when shopping?

In recent years baby carriers have become particularly popular. Parents value them, because they can have their baby with them, and at the same time they do not have to carry it on their hands – those remain free, which allows to perform many activities. So in stores you will find plenty of different carriers. However, it turns out that many of them are not good for the child and may even translate into later posture defects of the offspring. That is why it is worth to choose the ones that are really good in quality. So what should you consider when shopping?

A baby carrier – from what age?

As a rule physiotherapists advise against carrying newborns in baby carriers, even if the manufacturer assures that its product is designed for babies from birth. The skeleton of such a baby is very delicate, everything is still developing. For newborns it is better to use slings, which are safer. It is recommended to buy a baby carrier for a child who can already sit up, and then keep stable position

Every baby carrier has information about its weight. Do not buy a too small or too big device, because such a one is not only uncomfortable for the child, but also unhealthy – it does not provide proper support for the child.

Choose the type of baby carrier

There are carriers with narrow or wide, soft or padded panels. So before you go shopping you should know what the differences are

Carriers with stiff and narrow panels are not a good choice. They are often called “hangers” because the baby’s legs hang inertly and it looks as if the baby is “hanging on the crotch”. It is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous for health

Using such carriers may contribute to hip dislocations and dysplasia development in a child. Such accessories are often attractively priced – they can be bought for as little as several dozen zloty – but what counts most is the baby’s health

The best, and at the same time the safest and the most expensive are ergonomic baby carriers. They have a soft panel, so they adjust their shape to the baby’s back, providing a healthy position. They also take care of the proper arrangement of the legs (they should be set in an “M” shape). In such carriers the straps are filled with sponge, so they do not cut into the shoulders

An ergonomic carrier is also equipped with a waist belt, and it can be easily adjusted to the height and figure of the person who will carry the child. The most popular brands offering such carriers (and having numerous certificates proving their quality and beneficial influence on the baby’s health) are

  • LennyLamb,
  • Tula,
  • Kavka,
  • Zaffiro,
  • Close.

Another advantage of ergonomic baby carriers is that they are easy to use, handy and comfortable, so they work well even for less experienced parents. Some carriers additionally have a hood, which can be put on a baby’s head when it gets a bit cooler outside, wind blows, or sun gets too hot

Different carrier designs

Carriers can be tied, buckle, or hybrid. The first ones, also called mei-tai, are characterized by the fact that the waist belt and shoulder straps are tied in a double knot. Despite appearances – it is very simple and comfortable

In turn, the buckle carriers have approved buckles that are used for fastening the harness and waist belt. Hybrid carriers have a combined construction – shoulder straps are tied, and the waist belt is fastened with a buckle. In this case any way is good, so it is worth to check in the store, which method is the most comfortable for us

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