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How to help your child fight acne?

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How to help your child fight acne?

Acne on the face is the bane of many a teenager. Recently it has become a common problem and is not a reason to be ashamed. Nevertheless, it has a negative influence on a child and his/her self-esteem

Parents have a great influence on the fight against acne. They make the treatment can become easier with advice, support and effective actions

Internet ways to cure acne

Every young person today has access to the Internet. Your child is sure to read lots of interesting things about acne treatment there. Many online portals offer quick, easy and home remedies to get rid of this unpleasant ailment. These will be handmade pastes made of natural yogurt, lime, cinnamon, turmeric, or yeast with milk. For a teenager with an embarrassing problem, these preparations will seem good. But are they really? Support your child and reassure him that he can talk to you about everything, otherwise he will start using different mixtures on his own. Acne and acne lesions should first be seen by a dermatologist. Cinnamon, turmeric or citrus fruits have strong effects and can only cause more problems. Visiting a dermatologist will allow you to benefit from a stronger and better treatment. Moreover, it will be tailored to your child’s needs. Remember to support your child, don’t leave her without help and make an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as possible. She needs to feel that she has your support

Buy the right cosmetics

Do you buy your own cosmetics, but your child likes to pick them up? Do you go to the drugstore and buy cosmetics for yourself and your child? Or maybe she likes to decide for herself what is best for her? No matter what your cosmetic shopping experience is, remember to educate your child. As a parent, remember to buy products with the shortest possible list of ingredients. Avoid irritating detergents in gels, alcohol in toners, and creams with lots of SLS and parabens. Extracts of hamamelis, nettle, thyme, yeast, as well as starch and zinc have a good effect on acne-prone skin

Serve the right food

Healthy eating is another way to get rid of acne. Although there have never been any studies on this subject, it is safe to say that avoiding chocolate, fried foods and crisps helps to fight stubborn skin lesions faster. Offer your child meals rich in vitamin A for lunch. It is found in fish, liver, butter, and vegetables such as carrots, spinach, and tomatoes. Include zinc in his diet, which you will find in eggs, pumpkin seeds or whole grain bread. What’s more, red beans, almonds, soybeans, and bananas can significantly improve your complexion. Changing the eating habits of the whole family can bring tangible benefits. For a teenager, it will be a sign that his parents care about him, and thus his complexion, figure and the health of the whole family will improve

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Let your teenager benefit from treatments

Remember to tell your child that squeezing pimples will do him more harm than good. If the skin lesions are unsightly and your kid doesn’t know how to deal with them, try suggesting treatments at professional beauty salons. It can be a cleansing cavitation treatment, during which skin impurities are removed using ultrasound, or soothing treatments, such as a mask of algae or herbs. They soothe and moisturize the skin without clogging pores. Moreover, they soothe inflammation and regulate sebum secretion

Educate your child

Remember to support your child all the time, because this condition is not easy for him/her. You should explain to your child that with proper care he or she will cope with the problem. Remember to provide your teenager with the right cosmetics and tell him how to use them. Nowadays, most people between the ages of 13 and 18 have acne-prone skin. Its occurrence is conditioned by hormonal changes. Squeezing pimples or using antibacterial soaps and gels will only make the problem worse. The skin will become red and the inflammatory changes will only increase

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