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How do I prepare my child to go to kindergarten?

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How do I prepare my child to go to kindergarten?

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A child adapts much faster than an adult, but coming into contact with a new situation comes as a shock. Going to kindergarten is a very big change. That is why it is necessary to prepare the youngest for a completely new experience.

It is worth to take care of the adaptation beforehand

Especially at the beginning of the child’s visit to the kindergarten, it is worth taking care of a calm and good atmosphere at home. If you suspect that your child will have problems with getting up in the morning, it’s a good idea to start the gradual change of the daily routine. You can introduce morning rituals, for example by playing the same song every day or preparing meals together with your child.

During the first days, it is better to leave the child in the kindergarten for fewer hours, and only gradually increase the time spent there. It is also worth remembering that if you tell your child that you will pick him/her up right after lunch, you must keep your word.

Cooperation between parents and kindergarten staff is also very important. If your child has any preferences or habits, the teacher should know about it from the very beginning, so as not to expose the child to unnecessary stress.

Let your child take part in the buying and choosing of the layette. Let him or her choose what to use in kindergarten. Create a pleasant atmosphere around the preparations and shopping. You can also let your child use the items at home. This will allow him or her to get used to them, so they will be reassuring in kindergarten.

At home, you can do with your child what he or she will do in kindergarten. For example, you can use special apps, wall decorations or manipulative boards. With equipment from Haba , for example, your child’s education will be fun and will make it easier for him to adapt.

If one or both parents have so far hardly or never parted with their child, it is better to leave him or her, if only for an hour, in the care of someone trusted, such as a grandmother or aunt. This will allow the child to become accustomed to returning home.

School supplies for a preschooler

The list of things necessary for kindergarten is usually discussed at one of the first meetings with parents. What will be on the list depends primarily on the rules of the kindergarten. However, there are some things that should be included in every kindergarten supply. You must prepare clothes and underwear for the child to change into, as well as slippers. In the early groups, the preschoolers lie down, so pajamas should be prepared. A nursery sleeping bag may also be a good option. Don’t forget a toothbrush, toothpaste and a cup for brushing teeth, as well as a brush or a hair comb. Let your child take a favorite toy to preschool. He will have a “comforter” for times when it is difficult for him to stay away.

Completing the adaptation

The adaptation process usually takes about 6 weeks, but it is often possible to notice changes in the child’s behavior after only 2 weeks. However, if after the first month the situation doesn’t change and the child continues to be hysterical, and during the day nothing will be able to divert his/her attention, it’s worth thinking about resigning from sending him/her to the kindergarten for the time being.

It is important that the child adapts at his own pace. Do not rush him/her, but consistently follow the same scenario every day. The child will eventually learn to go to kindergarten every day. So if it doesn’t happen that your child is unable to learn, don’t stop the adaptation. Remember that the most important thing here is your peace of mind.

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