What underwear should you wear during pregnancy?

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What underwear should you wear during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. Her body changes a lot during this period. It is therefore important to wear appropriate and comfortable underwear. But what kind?

A growing belly, swollen breasts and a lot of extra kilograms – a woman’s organism changes a lot during pregnancy. It is necessary to take care of maximum comfort of a future mother. Instead of stilettos it is better to choose ballerinas, and replace tight and not very comfortable blouses with a pleasant to the touch, slightly looser sweater. Underwear is also important – it must be good quality and comfortable. It cannot slip or pinch

Pay attention to the materials from which the maternity underwear is made

When choosing maternity underwear, pay attention to the material. Poor quality plastic can promote chafing and the multiplication of bacteria, and thus numerous infections. It is important that the materials are natural. We recommend cotton, silk and bamboo. They are all perfectly breathable and do not cause allergic reactions. As for synthetic materials, you can also choose underwear made of microfiber and polyamide, which guarantee good ventilation

Bra and panties for pregnant women should be free of seams, laces, patches and other accessories, which could irritate delicate skin

Which bra to choose?

At the beginning of pregnancy breasts are often very swollen and painful. Therefore, the right size of bra is important. In order for nothing to press, it is best to bet on larger cups. It is worth remembering, that the right bra minimizes the risk of stretch marks on breasts. Not only that: ill-fitting bra may contribute to backache, and in the case of later breast-feeding – to congestion

How to choose the right bra size?

When choosing a bra, a woman should fasten it on the last hook (with the passing months breasts will become bigger and the circumference will increase). The shoulder straps should be properly adjusted and underwire should be pulled up under the breasts. Then bend over slightly. Put your right hand into the left cup, bend the end of the underwire under your armpit with the thumb of your left hand and push the breast in. Do the same on the other side. Later you have to straighten up and move your arms slightly to make sure that the bra fits properly and does not pinch. It is important that the underwires end near the middle of the armpit and cover the whole breast. It is also crucial that the belt at the back does not lift, and no “buns” form on the sides. The pregnant woman must bear in mind, however, that her size will change and during the next few months it may be necessary to change the bra. Therefore, in this case, you can afford to take a bra with a cup one size larger. Specialists advise, however, to buy underwear always “for now”, because it is the healthiest and most comfortable.

The best will be a built-up bra

Pregnant women should bet on built-up bras of full cup type. Such models guarantee stability and proper breast support. A bra for pregnant women should also have wide straps and a large circumference adjustment (at least a few hooks)

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What kind of panties to wear while pregnant?

A pregnant woman has two types of panties to choose from: traditional panties and high-waisted ones. In case of the first model you should choose a slightly larger size than usual and make sure that nothing presses or irritates the intimate area. On the other hand, high-waisted panties are worn over the entire belly – this is an excellent option especially in winter, because it guarantees extra warmth. They can also function as a pregnancy belt

It is also worth reaching for compression tights

A very good option for a pregnant woman are also special compression tights or leggings which reduce pressure and amount of blood in veins. Their advantage is that they protect against swelling, varicose veins and swelling, which quite often occur during pregnancy

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