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Wrapping – why has this method of carrying a baby become so popular?

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Wrapping – why has this method of carrying a baby become so popular?

Completing the layette for a newborn, more and more moms include a soft baby sling. This method is becoming more and more popular among young parents, it has many advantages, both for mom or dad, and for our baby. Carrying a baby on a chest or on the back is normal in African countries or in South America, where moms have a baby non-stop close to themselves. Nowadays also women in Europe appreciate this simple way of calming the baby and the possibility of carrying it with hands free. See if slings are a good idea for you to provide the baby with a dose of closeness and a sense of security.

Both doctors and physiotherapists agree that correct tying of the sling has many benefits for the baby. In order to do it properly and according to the recommendations, it’s worth before starting the slinging adventure to take lessons from a specialist in this field. In the first weeks of baby’s life you can make an appointment for a consultation with a sling advisor, who in addition to presenting the techniques for tying the sling together with the child will also show us other important issues. If it’s your first child, it’s worth getting advice on proper care of a newborn. The key is to properly lift and put down the baby, which properly stimulates its motor development. Tying the sling may seem difficult at first, and even a bit frightening, but with time it will be child’s play. It is important that the length of the sling is adjusted to our height and posture, so that we can safely tie a baby on our back or chest

The advantages of babycarrying in a sling

  1. CLOSENESS OF THE PARENT. Newborn needs to feel the presence of mom or dad, which gives him a sense of security. Wearing the sling makes the baby feel our smell, hear the heartbeat and the warmth of our skin. This makes it easier for him to calm down and fall asleep. The effect of gentle rocking reminds us of the time when the child was in mom’s belly
  2. POSITIVE EFFECT ON THE CHILD’S DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Newborns are born with incomplete digestive system, therefore the first months may bring such symptoms as colic, urination or constipation. A great way to stimulate the baby’s intestines is to carry him in a sling. Knees bent at the knees and a light tummy massage make the baby suffer less and it’s easier to poop
  3. CORRECT POSTURE OF THE CHILD. In the first months of life, the baby should often stay in the frog position. It positively influences the development of its posture and hips. Wearing a baby in a sling can stimulate correct patterns, as long as the tying is done according to instructions
  4. FREE HANDS OF MOM OR DAD. It’s normal and understandable that in the first months the baby wants to be close to mom, preferably in her arms. In order to rest your arms, and provide the baby with the closeness, it is worth to choose a baby sling. Thanks to this we have our hands free and while the baby sleeps cuddled up to us we can do other things

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