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Stretch marks – why do they appear and how to fight them?

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Stretch marks – why do they appear and how to fight them?

Our body is constantly changing. There are many factors that cause changes in our skin. Some women, especially after pregnancy, have to fight with, among others, stretch marks. How to get rid of them?

The body of a pregnant woman changes with every week of pregnancy. Some of them have to face unwanted stretch marks. They are not a threat to our body, but for many people (also men or teenagers) they become a big complex. Today we will try to explain what causes stretch marks and whether there are methods to combat them

Stretch marks – how they appear

Excessive skin stretching causes the formation of stretch marks. It often affects adolescents in adolescence, active athletes, people who quickly gained muscle mass or weight. The cause of the changes occurring on our bodies should be sought in the hormonal balance. It concerns the moment of puberty, when rapid changes take place in the body. The second most common reason is simply pregnancy and genetic predisposition

The formation of stretch marks can be divided into two phases. The first is a state where the skin that stretches (the fibers that make up the skin – collagen and elastin – are broken) is inflamed, resulting in the appearance of red bands. The second phase is the fading of scars and the formation of their structure. It may take a convex or concave form. Most often these scars appear on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, breasts and even back. Today we will focus on the problem of pregnant women. Although waiting for a baby is usually a beautiful time for moms, the presence of stretch marks is a big aesthetic problem that they want to fight.

How to fight against scars on the skin?

Pregnant women, in order to prevent their skin from stretching, should focus on taking care of their body as soon as they know they are pregnant. Especially since the belly will be growing quite quickly. Moisturizing is the foundation of firm skin! Apart from special mummy creams for stretch marks, reach for ordinary oil, e.g. coconut, almond or baby oil. Remember that you will not achieve results until you start this beauty ritual on a daily basis! Apply the products preferably in the morning and in the evening. In addition, our epidermis should be exfoliated at least once a week (safe for pregnant women), with the help of which your skin will be better supplied with blood and stimulated

In addition to moisturizing you should bet on the massages, which make the skin more elastic. You can do it while washing, using a sponge or a glove. However, you should not massage the upper part of your abdomen to avoid premature contractions. Your movements should be gentle and circular. Women whose pregnancy is at risk should refrain from it. Consult your doctor before incorporating it into your evening routine.

Dry brushing is a body care method that has recently taken over the entire internet. It will also work well for moms-to-be who are not at risk for miscarriage. At the very beginning of this adventure, choose a brush with soft bristles. Always start dry brushing from the feet, moving upward. The motion should be done in one direction. Try to avoid your abdomen during this procedure.

Physical activity and diet matter

Regular physical activity and proper diet also prevent stretch marks. Doing yoga or pilates will firm up your body. A diet rich in vitamin A, C and E will help improve the condition of your skin

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