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How to prevent excessive sweating during pregnancy? 3 effective ways

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How to prevent excessive sweating during pregnancy? 3 effective ways

The body of a pregnant woman changes a lot during pregnancy. It undergoes processes that are designed to prepare the mother’s body for the period of pregnancy and the birth of the baby. This also applies to sweating. 

Any woman who has been pregnant at least once, and regardless of the period of the year, knows what a nuisance it can be. Not only does the amount of perspiration increase significantly, but also the smell worsens, causing great discomfort. As a rule, everything passes after the birth of the baby and the postpartum period. But how to deal with this affliction in the blessed state? What is allowed?

Sweating during pregnancy – how to fight it?

The affliction can appear only during the period when the baby begins to develop intensively in the mother’s abdomen, but this is not the rule. Often from the very beginning, future mothers are bothered by excessive sweating. It may be accompanied by an unpleasant odor, which was not present at all before. Such a situation is very unpleasant and makes a time that should by definition be pleasant, become a curse. No matter what you eat or do, drops of sweat appear on your face or back at the least expected moment. How to deal with it? There are several ways to do it. Learn them all and forget about excessive sweating during pregnancy!

1. Frequent showers and airy clothes

During pregnancy there are many changes in a woman’s body, mainly in the hormonal economy. That’s where all the sweating problems come from. On top of that, it is also associated with an accelerated metabolism and increased body heat. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with it, but the problem can simply be a nuisance, especially if it involves the feet, hands, head and armpits. If the odor is not unpleasant, it is worth betting on a gentler fight against sweat. You can then use quick showers more often, which will help cool your body down for a bit and get rid of the discharge. Breathable, natural clothes that cool the body are also great. Bet on materials such as linen, cupro or viscose.

2. Reliable antiperspirant

If the smell of your sweat during pregnancy is unpleasant, you can also opt to use more intensely scented antiperspirants, which will further diminish your natural odor. It’s also worth betting on more natural versions that won’t irritate your skin and will simply be safer for pregnant women. Solutions in cream or spray are great. In contrast, products in a ball can be too moist and create an unpleasant impression of wet armpits.

3. Sweat blocker in pregnancy

Recently, sweat blockers have become very popular. They work well in really very severe cases, but are they safe in pregnancy? On the market you will find many proposals in this regard. There are strong drugstore versions, as well as much lighter drugstore ones. They are applied once every few days, and then the sweat does not appear at all, and there is no bad smell. At a visit to the doctor who is managing your pregnancy, it is worth asking whether the use of such a specific product will be possible in your case. As a rule, there are no contraindications to it, and we assure you that the results will greatly surprise you.

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