What does the sex of the baby depend on? Can it be predicted?

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What does the sex of the baby depend on? Can it be predicted?

Are you planning pregnancy and dreaming of a sweet baby girl? Or maybe you would like to have a boy running after a ball in your garden in a few years? Find out what the sex of the child depends on… and if it can be planned!

The sex of the child – it is interesting for everyone

Boy or a girl? This is the question that every future mother hears from curious family or friends. No wonder, because this question is of interest to everyone. Expectant parents also intensely consider the gender of their little one. Sometimes even before conception, when the child is only in the plans, it is the subject of long conversations and deliberations. Is it that important? For some people it is, which is why we are not at all surprised that so many people are looking for ways to plan the gender of their future offspring. Is it possible?

What does the sex of the baby depend on?

The sex of the baby is already formed at the moment of conception and depends on the type of sex chromosome received from the father. Sperm can contain both X and Y chromosomes. If a sperm with an X chromosome is “faster”, a daughter will be born, if with a Y – it will probably be a son. Probably, because it is not certain. For the embryo to be male, you also need a lot of testosterone, which is produced only in the later weeks. According to many experts, at the beginning, every fetus is female, which some call primary sex – this is the case until the 7th week of pregnancy.

When can the sex of the baby be checked?

Pregnancy involves long weeks of waiting. When is it possible to know if we will welcome a boy or a girl into the family? The external genitals are already formed from the 12th week of pregnancy and many doctors, thanks to modern ultrasound equipment, are able to see the sex of the baby already at this stage. However, this is still quite difficult at this stage, so you will usually be able to find out the sex of your baby a little later, as the older the pregnancy, the more certain this information is. Around the 18th to 20th week of pregnancy, most expectant parents already know the sex of their baby. Of course, you can also ask the doctor to keep this information for yourself. The baby’s sex is not known until after the birth.

Is it possible to plan the sex of the baby?

Sometimes parents care a lot about the specific gender of their new family member, so they look for ways to plan it. Although most scientists agree that everything takes shape independently of us at the moment of conception, and all sex planning methods are just a curiosity, some people think otherwise. The most popular is probably the ovulation method, which is based on the belief that in order to conceive a boy, you should have intercourse during ovulation, and about 2 days before if you are dreaming of a girl

In turn, the creator of the so-called diet method, Professor Joseph Stolkowski, claimed that the sex of future offspring depends on diet and one should watch what one eats several months beforehand. A future mother who wants to give birth to a daughter should reach for products rich in magnesium and calcium, and if she wants to give birth to a boy – in sodium and potassium. Some also recommend checking the Chinese gender calendar. However, most scientists agree – the effectiveness of these methods is 50%.

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