5 creative ways to tell loved ones about your pregnancy

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5 creative ways to tell loved ones about your pregnancy

Pregnancy is a highly anticipated news for many families. Therefore, it is worth informing about it in a unique and memorable way. We suggest how to do it!

When two lines appear on a pregnancy test – the future mother certainly feels a whole cocktail of emotions, which almost explodes. Euphoria mixes with anxiety, emotion, fear and curiosity. Fortunately, after a few hours, when the news reaches us, there comes a moment of calm. Then it is worth considering how to inform your partner that he is going to be a father, and your parents that in a few months they will be grandparents. Do it in a creative way that will remain a fond memory.

1. A box full of love

You can give your beloved or your parents a “box full of love”. Meaning?

Just find a nice gift box and put there for example tiny shoes, socks, bodysuit, mascot or any other accessories for the baby. On one of them can be written “you’re going to be a dad!”, “you’re going to be a grandparent!”, “the baby is on the way” or “the family will grow soon!”. You can also put this text on the inside of the lid of the container. The box can be given to the loved ones during a festive dinner, coffee or even a walk in some nice place. You can also make sure to give it at the moment when everyone will be able to enjoy the news together and celebrate this special moment

2. A cake with a baby, shoes or a rattle

A very cool idea to inform the close ones about the developing baby under the heart is to invite everyone for a dinner, after which you can put on the table a cake with a rattle, a baby or sugar coated shoes. You can add to it an inscription informing about the pregnancy. If you are not a master of baking, nowadays almost every confectionery has such cakes in its offer. So it will be both tasty and joyful!

3. Mug or cup with a surprise

An excellent and at the same time a bit funny proposal of informing about the family enlargement is inviting the close ones for coffee or tea. The drink can be served in specially prepared mugs or cups, on the bottom of which you can write (with a special marker – available in every paper store) the information “You’re going to be a daddy/grandma/grandpa”. The inscription will only be visible after the infusion and is sure to be an amazing surprise!

4. Send letters or packages to loved ones

An interesting idea is to send letters to your loved ones, especially if they live far away and you can’t meet them in person. You can put a handmade or ready-made postcard in the envelope with the words “we are going to have a baby” etc. You can also attach cute little socks to the message. Letters or postcards can also be sent to parents who live near us. Surely, in the age of the Internet and rarely received cards from the letter carrier, such an envelope will intrigue them and its interior will make them happy!

Instead of a letter you can also send a package with, for example, a rattle and an ultrasound picture. And, of course, a card that explains everything and dispels any doubts of the future grandparents.

5. Photo book

Photobooks are currently enjoying huge popularity. And rightly so, most companies allow you to easily design your own photo book via the internet, making it a lasting and interesting keepsake. If we are giving it to our parents, we can put our birth and childhood photos at the beginning, then later on important life events – graduation, wedding, etc. On the last page, we can paste in a photo, e.g. a photo of our mother or father

On the last page we paste a photo, for example, from the abortion or our belly, in which the baby is developing. It’s a good idea to add a caption to the photo, which will dispel any doubts and inform us that, in a few months, a new member of the family will join us. The photo book will certainly be a wonderful souvenir to which your loved ones will gladly return in their spare time

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