When to stop birth control pills if you want to start trying for a child?

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When to stop birth control pills if you want to start trying for a child?

Do you want to expand your family? Great! It’s a good idea to prepare properly in advance. Find out when to stop birth control pills so as not to interfere with efforts to have a baby.

Hormonal contraception and pregnancy

Many young women reach for hormonal contraception not because they don’t want to have children at all. They are simply anxious to postpone the conception of a child – and rightly so, because one should be prepared for such a serious step. When the moment comes when they want to expand their family, naturally they also have to give up contraception. Then a lot of questions arise. Will the use of hormonal contraception affect the baby? How long does one have to wait after stopping the pill before trying for a baby? Find out more and… don’t worry!

Discontinuation of birth control pills – how does it go?

Experts agree that birth control pills are better not to be discontinued overnight, in the middle of a pack. A much more sensible option is to finish the current pack and then stop taking the drug. This way, bleeding will appear normally and the next cycle will also have a chance to be predictable. So if you are planning a pregnancy and want to stop taking birth control, wait until the end of the pack, as this will give your body a chance to return to its normal rhythm. You, in turn, will more easily recognize the moment when ovulation will come.

Pregnancy after giving up contraception

Is there a chance that a woman will get pregnant immediately after stopping birth control pills? Of course – the body can sometimes be unpredictable and can really surprise you. It happens that the body even needs a few months to return to normal, but it does not have to be so at all. So the answer is one. There is no need, after giving up the pill, to take a long break before trying for a child.

Previously taken hormonal contraception does not have any negative effect on the developing fetus, also you can approach the topic without worry. However, this does not mean that you should not prepare for efforts.

How to prepare for trying for a baby?

Doctors unanimously recommend that you start taking folic acid regularly as early as a few months before you plan to get pregnant. It is also obvious that parents should give up smoking cigarettes and limit alcohol consumption. Also remember to do basic examinations and pay special attention to a healthy diet. Taking the pill beforehand should not interfere with your efforts to get pregnant, but an unhealthy lifestyle can definitely do that. It’s a good idea to prepare for pregnancy and approach the subject responsibly so as not to interfere with your fertility.

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