Acne during pregnancy – how to deal with it?

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Acne during pregnancy – how to deal with it?

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Pregnancy is a real hormonal storm in a woman’s body. Therefore, acne often appears on the face during pregnancy. What are its exact causes, how can you deal with it, what to avoid and what cosmetics to choose? Learn some effective ways for radiant and clear skin during pregnancy.

Causes of acne in pregnant women

The main reason why pimples appear on the face during pregnancy is due to hormonal changes in the female body. It is true that during pregnancy a lot of estrogen is released, the hormone responsible for beautiful complexion, but the body also produces a lot of progesterone, the hormone causing increased activity of sebaceous and sweat glands. This can cause your skin to secrete a lot more sebum than it did before pregnancy, causing pores to clog and acne to form. This can effectively spoil your mood, but remember that as soon as you finish breastfeeding or even while you’re lactating, everything will return to normal and the condition of your skin will improve significantly. There is also a hypothesis that the occurrence of acne during pregnancy determines the sex of the baby. If your skin is clear and radiant it means that a boy will be born, but if acne and skin problems appeared – a girl. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence for this relationship, but nevertheless, this assumption often holds true.

Basic steps of facial skin care during pregnancy

Facial skin should always be taken care of, but if you are pregnant, it would be advisable to take care of it with special care. First of all, remember to cleanse your face thoroughly every morning and evening using a gel or foam cleanser. This is an absolutely basic skin care step. Next, wipe your face with a toner. It is very important to tone your face after every contact with water to restore its natural pH. Next, apply a few drops of serum, and when it is absorbed, apply cream. This is the order of application of cosmetics that will be appropriate at all times, not just for acne-prone skin. Remember also to exfoliate your skin regularly with a scrub. When you are pregnant, however, give up acidic scrubs in favor of enzymatic ones. It is also important to properly moisturize your skin, which is why it is worth making friends with aloe vera gel, which is very delicate, natural, does not contain any substances that could pose a threat to the baby and will perfectly moisturize your face. And don’t forget about sun protection. Pregnancy is a time when you should especially protect your skin from the sun, because the risk of discoloration is very high. However, look for a sunscreen suitable for acne-prone skin, as many SPFs have a very oily and heavy texture that will further clog your pores, which can exacerbate acne.

What to keep in mind when choosing cosmetics?

While pregnant, you should pay special attention to the composition of cosmetics. The easiest and safest way is to choose those that are labeled as cosmetics for pregnant women. However, if you are looking for cosmetics typically for acne-prone skin, there are several items that should be avoided in the composition, so that the product is safe for pregnancy. These include AHA and BHA acids and retinol. Although they have a salutary effect when it comes to relieving acne and are often added to cleansers, they are not recommended for pregnant women. Glycolic acid is also a controversial acne product with mixed reviews on its use during pregnancy. So if you absolutely want to introduce acids to your skin care to help fight acne, bet rather on the milder ones, such as azelaic acid or salicylic acid in small doses.

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