Sex during pregnancy – is it safe?

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Sex during pregnancy – is it safe?

Are you expecting a baby and wondering if having sex with your partner during this time is a good idea? As long as your pregnancy is going well, there are no contraindications to having sex

If you want to get pregnant naturally, you have sex. If you are already in a blessed state, you are probably wondering if sex is safe. Or is it better to give it up? The answer to this question depends on your health and whether your pregnancy is going well. What should you know about sex during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and sexual intercourse – should you be careful?

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many physical changes, but especially hormonal ones. Not only mood swings (which are responsible for extreme emotional expression, from euphoria to melancholy states), changeable appetite, but also body changes are commonplace. A woman carrying a new life under her heart starts to perceive her own body differently, thinks about parenthood. Many factors contribute to whether she feels like having sex, or on the contrary, because making love is the last thing on her mind at the moment

What is it like to crave sex during pregnancy? It is said that women’s hormones are buzzing at that time, so ladies may feel like having sex “here and now”. What’s more, in this state the congestion of erogenous spheres is greater, which may also have an impact on greater sexual desire. Many couples also like to make love during pregnancy because they are more relaxed and don’t feel the pressure to protect themselves, so there is no need to think about contraception in advance. Women in the blessed state have better skin, stronger hair, and rounder breasts, so many men find them even more attractive then. In the vagina, the amount of secretions increases, so intercourse becomes more pleasant. However, sometimes parents-to-be are caught by doubts and wonder whether sex will not harm their baby. This is a very individual question and it is best to consult your doctor. If the pregnancy is developing properly and the woman feels well, there are no medical contraindications to limit or give up sexual activity during pregnancy. So-called vaginal sex is safe for both the woman and the baby in her womb.

Make healthy love, but when pregnancy is at risk choose abstinence

Woman feels unwell but partner insists on intercourse during pregnancy? Talking about sex can’t be a taboo subject. If the father of your baby does not understand the seriousness of the situation, ask the doctor in charge of the pregnancy to outline it for him. If there are no contraindications, you can make love without worrying about harming the baby. The baby is protected by the amniotic fluid and the uterine muscle, so it will not feel any blows during sex because the protective barrier will prevent this. However, the drive of pregnant women is a very individual issue. Usually, in the first trimester it is slight, as well as towards the end, and it is increased around the halfway point.

In which specific situations is it better to avoid intercourse? This question should be answered individually by your doctor, but there are a few cases when intercourse is not recommended. If there is a risk of premature birth or if the first pregnancy was terminated too early. It is better not to have intercourse if there is bleeding after intercourse or if the placenta is abnormal. If the cervix opens too early during pregnancy, there is an increased risk of premature birth. You should also be aware of the fact that orgasm is able to cause slight contractions of the uterus, although this is not a dangerous phenomenon, but if it sometimes intensifies, it is better to notify your gynecologist.

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