Sport in a twosome. What kind of workouts can moms-to-be do and why shouldn’t they give them up?

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Sport in a twosome. What kind of workouts can moms-to-be do and why shouldn’t they give them up?

Movement is good for health and everyone knows it. It is also important for pregnant women, although many of them in the blessed state ask themselves whether they can exercise at all, and if so, what exercises are best to do. We suggest which activity will be best for the future mother.

Can you exercise while pregnant? This question is asked like a mantra by many future moms. No wonder, because in today’s world of social media there is a lot of conflicting information on this topic. Some recommend exercising while pregnant, while others do the opposite. What is it really like? What kind of workouts can a future mom and why should not give them up?

How to exercise while pregnant? What exercises are safe?

It depends on the woman, her health, well-being, stage of pregnancy and fitness what kind of exercises/workouts she can do. A pregnant woman should certainly not take up such physical activities as combat sports or extreme sports. Climbing and all team games such as volleyball or basketball are also not recommended. These activities involve too great a risk of injury, falls or blows, which are very dangerous to the health and life of the baby and the mother.

Pool exercises, on the other hand, are ideal and safe for pregnant women because water has a beneficial effect on the body. How does it work? It relieves the spine and joints and improves peripheral circulation. Exercises in water are also great for strengthening muscles and improving the overall fitness of the whole body, this will make the future mother much better prepared for childbirth

Pregnant women who are physically active, statistically, endure childbirth better, because it is not as much of a burden for them as it is for moms who have not been active. A pregnant woman can swim in a pool or sign up for aqua aerobics classes.

Physiotherapists and doctors recommend Pilates, yoga and fitness classes for pregnant women, provided that the exercise programme is adapted to the needs of the pregnant woman. The future mother should bet on both strengthening and breathing exercises. In the early stages of pregnancy, for example, recreational cycling and lots of walking are possible. Of course, even these small physical activities depend on her state of health. When she does not feel up to it, it is better to bet on regeneration.

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Exercises should be tailored to the individual

Exercises for pregnant women should always, without exception, be adjusted to individual needs. Pregnancy, is a unique state, and consequently, the mom-to-be cannot overdo it with excessive activity. Movement is very important, but as soon as she feels worse, she should immediately stop training. The important thing is that the woman should not be alone during the workout. The same applies to going out for a walk or riding a bike, and she should always have a charged cell phone with her so that she can call someone if she feels unwell. It is also important to remember that a pregnant woman’s body changes quickly, so it is always a good idea to support yourself with safe supplementation, rich in vitamins and minerals, which will boost the future mother’s immunity.

In what cases is it absolutely forbidden to train during pregnancy?

There are several serious conditions that categorically rule out practicing any sport during pregnancy. What specifically can we include in this group? This is the risk of premature birth, as well as bleeding in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. The occurrence of uterine contractions also disqualifies a woman from performing any physical activity. Pregnant women must not exercise if they have cervical insufficiency, heart, lung or kidney disease or high blood pressure. Gestational diabetes, premature rupture of the membranes and placenta previa are also dangerous

A mom-to-be who wants to plan workouts for her pregnancy should consider her health and adjust the exercises to her body’s capabilities.

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