How to deal with the heat while pregnant?

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How to deal with the heat while pregnant?

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life, but sometimes it can be a challenge for the body. For example, when we are accompanied by summer heat! Find out how to cope with it

Hot weather during pregnancy is a challenge

Women in advanced pregnancy do not have it easy, and if the last weeks fall on hot summer days, it is even harder. How to cope with the hot weather without harming yourself or the baby? Swelling, skin problems – these are just some of the problems that pregnant women face during the hot summer. Although pregnancy is a challenge regardless of the season, it is definitely more difficult during hot weather. The body can be weakened due to high temperatures. How to prevent this? First of all, stick to a few rules, and the basic one is: avoid taking walks during the hours when the sun is blazing most intensely. If you must leave the house between 11:00 and 16:00, choose walks in shady areas. Be sure to hydrate as well.

Ice cream and fresh fruit – yes, but…

During warm months we crave for certain delicacies. It is worth taking advantage of the benefits of nature and eat plenty of seasonal fruits, but only those thoroughly washed. You must always remember this. Unwashed fruit and vegetables, which you can find at markets, may be a source of toxoplasmosis parasites. Also pay attention to what kind of ice cream you eat. Instead of using ice cream from a vending machine, where salmonella bacteria can build up (located on the ends of the machine), go for ice cream scooped straight from the freezer into a wafer. This kind of dessert will help you cool down, and you won’t have to worry about any illness. If you want ice cream from the supermarket, choose the boxes lying on their bottoms – in this case there is less risk of it being defrosted, e.g. because someone took it to the basket and then made up their mind and put it back in the freezer

Is it possible to sunbathe while pregnant?

This question is of interest to many people. Tanning is not one of the best ideas during pregnancy, and certainly not during the most intense sunlight. The point is not to avoid sun exposure altogether, but to do it wisely, taking into account your condition and the well-being of your baby. Don’t forget sunscreen and hydration. The right cosmetics and a bottle of water is something you should always have with you

Make-up for hot weather during pregnancy

Throughout your pregnancy, but especially on hot days, act in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Heavy makeup and applying a heavy opaque foundation during hot weather is not likely to be a good idea. First of all, it can quickly run off. Secondly, a heavy feeling is inevitable. Opt for moisturizing your skin, and you can always use a much lighter BB cream to set your makeup. This way, you will feel more comfortable.

Dressing for hot weather during pregnancy

Another important thing is the future mom’s outfit during hot days. Choose what is comfortable and breathable. Linen shirts and dresses are a great option. Such an airy midi or maxi dress will certainly be more comfortable than short shorts and a top. The most important thing, of course, is to choose clothes made of high-quality materials that allow your skin to breathe. Avoid artificial materials – they are the worst choice during pregnancy. You should also wear headgear – straw hats are currently very on trend!

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