The body after pregnancy – why is it still a taboo subject?

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The body after pregnancy – why is it still a taboo subject?

Stars and celebrities outdo each other in putting on their social media profiles the ideal body right after childbirth. Flat belly, no visible stretch marks and firm skin, unfortunately this is not what every mom’s body looks like after giving birth. The first thing you should remember is that you are a heroine who carried a baby under her heart for 9 months and then delivered it into the world. The postpartum body will change and it is high time to start talking about it out loud

Most women see a big difference between their body before and after giving birth. Genetics plays a big role in the change process, so we often have no control over what the metamorphosis will look like. An important part of being a mom is learning to accept your body and your appearance. The fact that you have a tiny baby should not affect your self-esteem and attractiveness. Insta moms are increasingly posting photos of their postpartum bodies without filters and embellishments, also showing in posts how difficult and demanding motherhood can be. It’s a fantastic way to show support for other women who constantly compare themselves with perfect bodies or perfectly run homes

The post-pregnancy belly doesn’t always look perfect

Sarah Nicole Landry is a blogger who has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram. She is a mom who is not afraid to show the real face of her body. She herself emphasizes that she fully accepts her body and speaks out about the fact that social media can be very depressing for moms who do not fit into the canon promoted by celebrities. It is worth remembering that every woman has a different body, which regenerates differently and may look different. Pregnancy and childbirth is a huge effort for the body, so young moms should be admired and appreciated, rather than judged by how quickly they managed to get back into shape

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