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What are the types of baby chairs and what should you consider when buying one?

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What are the types of baby chairs and what should you consider when buying one?

The important moment has arrived, which is the expansion of the toddler’s diet. In order to make this process go smoothly, a suitable highchair is needed. Which one to choose? What should I consider when buying a feeding chair?

Manufacturers at every step tempt young parents with unusual design, promises of comfort and safety or solutions which are to last for years. It is no wonder that in this maze of fantastic offers parents feel confused. Meanwhile the choice of a feeding chair is a serious matter. How to choose the best one?

Types of feeding chairs

They all have the same purpose, but differ significantly in design and additional features. On the market we have chairs available:

  • classic – free-standing furniture chairs, equipped with straps, without the possibility of folding or dismantling;
  • foldable – a very convenient solution especially for small apartments as the chair folds up to a small size and can be easily hidden e.g. in a closet
  • extensions/mounted to the table top – also a convenient form if we do not want to have an additional piece of furniture at home. The chair can be put on a dining chair or mounted to the table using special holders. It is also a convenient solution for parents who travel a lot and eat with their child in different places;
  • 3-in-1 chairs- a nice, long-term solution; at the beginning we use a classic chair and then when the child is bigger it can be folded into a small chair and a table

Many chairs, although nice, do not have non-slip feet, and this is quite an important thing, especially since children like to scatter and splash food and then happily wriggle in the chair

What to look for when buying?

Parents often wonder what really makes chairs different and if the model matters. It turns out that it does. So what should you pay attention to when buying?

First of all, the straps. Once upon a time physiotherapists and pediatricians criticized a popular chair of a certain furniture brand very loudly. This is because the belts for the child were inappropriate, they consisted only of harnesses. Then there is a risk that the child will slip down under the inattention of parents and literally hang himself on the table. To avoid this macabre scenario, you should buy a chair with five-point belts that ensure safety

Another quite important thing is the filling. First of all, it must be comfortable, so that the child feels comfortable. The construction of the chair also affects the satisfaction of the toddler. Not all children at the age of 6 months already sit, and some parents expand the child’s diet earlier. In order not to hurt the child and at the same time not to expose him to discomfort, this fact should be taken into account. For younger children a recliner chair, where the height of the backrest can be adjusted, will work better. For older children it is better to choose 3-in-1 chairs as they will last longer. The choice is very individual, the only thing that is universal is safety. When buying a chair, you should first pay attention to the straps, adjust them to the weight and size of the child.It can be neither too large nor too tight

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Does the brand matter?

There are many companies that specialize in making baby items. These companies do it really well, consulting their ideas with specialists. They have appropriate certificates, but the price of products of such companies can be very high. Does it mean that quality speaks for the price? Sometimes yes, more often no. However, you should not be guided by the price alone. It is worth checking opinions, preferably on several portals. If there is such an opportunity, it is good to see the product live and assess the quality of its workmanship

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