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What are the types of baby cribs and what should you consider when buying one?

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What are the types of baby cribs and what should you consider when buying one?

The crib is a very important piece of equipment in a child’s room. After all, the toddler in the first year of life spends most of the time in the crib. Do you know what type of crib to choose for the newborn, and after what time to change the furniture, and also what to look for when buying? We suggest!

You are happy with the birth of the child, everything revolves around the little one, but have you thought about the choice of the crib? This is definitely one of the most difficult decisions of every new parent. How to find the perfect model of crib?

Types of baby beds

Parents-to-be are always faced with the dilemma of what type of crib to choose for their newborn. Fortunately, stores with accessories for children offer many types of such furniture. But how to find themselves among such an extensive range? Variety among cribs refers to the size, colors, shapes, as well as functionality

We distinguish between two basic sizes of cribs: 60/120 cm and 70/140 cm. The latter type of furniture can also be adapted over time for an older child. How? By converting it into a couch – just remove the rungs from one side. Such a piece of furniture will be suitable even for a child who is 5 years old. Most importantly, in most cases, these types of crib have a 2- or 3-level adjustment of the bottom position.

When to change the crib?

Changing a crib is largely an individual matter. Certainly, a baby who sits up or stands up cannot sleep in a cradle that is not only small, but also too shallow. In the case of an adjustable crib, it must not be set to its highest level. The child could fall out of the cot when getting up

The crib must be large enough for your child to be able to turn and twist without hitting the bars when he sleeps.

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Age-appropriate cribs

A cradle or Moses basket are ideal for a newborn. For an older child, you already need to provide more space and buy a crib that they can use for years to come. Fortunately, the baby accessories market offers multifunctional beds, which can be freely converted according to your needs. First we use, for example, a cradle on skids, then a traditional baby bed. Over time, you can make it into a comfortable bed even for a three-year-old.

Buying a crib is an important investment for many parents. If you want the furniture to serve your little one for more than a year, then check carefully whether the model you have chosen is practical and quite developmental. Remember that the most important in the structure of the crib are the rungs, the balustrade and the height of the mattress.

When your child is six months old, you should be very careful as he or she will start to twist and turn, grasp the crib with their hands and slowly climb up the rungs. At 6 months old, some children can even sit up on their own, using the crib bumpers as a support. If you do not want to invest in several cribs, it will be best if you choose one which is adjustable in height (the most popular are 3 levels, 1 – for a newborn, 2 – for a baby which is a few months old, and 3 – for a baby which is already getting up). It is also worth choosing a model with removable rungs, so that later on, when your child grows up, he or she can get out and enter the crib by themselves. Remember that as your child grows, you can lower the mattress, and then remove the rungs so that your little one can get out of the crib easily.

A great convenience in the crib is the bottom drawer, which can act as a storage for bedding, diapers, or clothes of the baby. This is why cribs with drawers are becoming increasingly popular.

The mattress is also important

When buying a crib, we must also remember about the mattress. It should be approved and adjusted to the weight of the infant. What kind of mattresses are most often recommended? Those made of natural materials, filled with coconut and buckwheat. However, opinions on this issue are divided, because according to some natural materials are allergenic, and in addition accumulate dust. Latex mattresses are recommended next, as they are made of breathable and flexible materials that adapt to the baby’s body. Remember that, as with most things, each mattress has its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore its choice is a very individual matter. Certainly, you should not save on the mattress, because it depends on it the comfortable and safe sleep of your child.

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