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These things you can’t forget when changing your baby

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These things you can’t forget when changing your baby

Baby care and hygiene are very important issues that should be a priority for every parent. For new parents this activity may seem difficult and complicated, but with practice it will become very natural. However, it is worth paying attention to several aspects, thanks to which we will be sure that the care of the toddler is performed in an appropriate manner.

Changing the child, especially in the first months of life is an activity that is performed several times a day, in addition to feeding. A newborn baby can soil about 12-14 diapers during a day. At the initial stage it is important to choose proper diapers which will not cause allergy on a baby’s skin. More and more moms lean towards ecological solutions and instead of disposable pampers they choose multi-use diapers made of tetra. An equally important choice are suitable nursing accessories and cosmetics or ointments for burns. A very controversial subject in the parenting world are wet wipes used for changing a baby. Many experts say that ordinary cotton balls soaked in boiled water are a better solution

Everything you should know about caring for your baby during a diaper change

As we established earlier, small children wet their diapers several times a day, which means that they need to be changed quite often and regularly. From time to time, it is worth leaving the baby for a few moments without a pampers, so that the skin can be properly ventilated. In this case it is better to lay the baby on a waterproof mat than directly on the bed or changing table. It is very important to dry the affected areas properly during changing. Especially in the groin and folds of the legs no excessive moisture should accumulate

Diaper rash and skin problems

Your baby’s skin is extremely delicate, so sometimes it can get irritated or develop redness. A great way to deal with minor skin changes is to sprinkle baby powder or potato flour on the diaper area. When problems get worse, it’s a good idea to use baby ointment for flare-ups

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