Design ideas for a small children’s room

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Design ideas for a small children’s room

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The Internet is full of inspiration for furnishing the perfect children’s room. But what if all the pictures you come across on Instagram or Pinterest show large rooms, and your little one’s bedroom barely fits a crib and a desk? Before you go furniture shopping, here are some interesting ideas for small spaces that are worth getting inspired by

Bunk beds

It’s not just a solution for siblings. A raised bed is a great way to save space in an only child’s room. At the bottom you will gain the perfect space for a play area, dresser for clothes, desk or cute pouffes for kids in the shape of your little one’s favorite animal. And if you cover this space with a curtain, your child will gain a base straight out of a dream! Every mom knows how happy children are to sit in pillow forts and blanket tents. No doubt your little one will love having a hideaway under the bed, too

Bed with drawers

If you don’t have room for a dresser for your child’s clothes, a bed with pull-out drawers is a good alternative. It’s an interesting approach to organizing space in your toddler’s room, so you’ll stop getting frustrated at the perpetually scattered clothes. Don’t worry if you’ve already bought a bed and there’s no room for drawers. Just put some boxes on wheels underneath and they’ll do the job just as well

Modular furniture

It’s worth looking around for modular furniture created specifically with children’s needs in mind. This solution allows not only to adjust the color of toy baskets to the decor of the room, but also makes it possible to expand the whole structure when there are more toys and there’s no more room for another set of Lego bricks. Each of us knows how painful it can be to step on a block that our toddler forgot about while cleaning up! With such an advanced system of boxes, it will be easier for you to persuade your little whiner to take care of the chaos in the room. Sorting toys into colourful containers can surprisingly be fun!

Toy baskets

Baskets, baskets and more baskets! When you’re tired of perpetual shelf clutter and scattered toys on the floor, invest in some extra toy baskets. It’s a practical way to keep your child’s room tidy and with a great range of products on the market, you and your little one can choose the most interesting model to suit their tastes and your vision of a decorated bedroom. There will only be more toys and still the same amount of space, so it’s good to plan the space wisely beforehand so you won’t be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things

Shelves on the wall

When the floor starts to run out of space, look up! Fit the walls of your toddler’s room with shelves, ceiling-high bookcases or hanging baskets for toys. This way, you can store your child’s favourite books, put a queue of figurines in a place of honour and store the ubiquitous teddy bears you’ve probably only ever seen in the fridge..


Arranging a children’s room, which is not too big, can be a real challenge. However, it is not worth giving up and assuming in advance that in case of a small room, you will have only a cluttered room in which it will be unpleasant to stay, not to mention your child. Opt for compact solutions, which are not only practical, but also become more and more fashionable every year. Interior design of a child’s room is mainly a matter of creativity and use of unusual solutions. Choose a bed, which at the same time will be a closet or provide your toddler with a sleep on high. Thanks to this you will gain the space that you so much lack

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