5 apps that moms-to-be will want to download immediately

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5 apps that moms-to-be will want to download immediately

We live in an era where virtual reality is taking the lead. Many people like to use various applications that e.g. show detailed weather forecast or act as navigation. There are also such applications which future moms will certainly want to download – see what they are!

Nowadays hardly anyone can imagine everyday life without a smartphone, of course with access to the Internet. It is an innovative device thanks to which we can immediately contact someone, find information that interests us, or save and check important dates in the calendar. Cell phones make life easier, because thanks to mobile applications installed on them, we can easily replace everyday objects. We no longer need a traditional alarm clock or car navigation, because an application on the phone will always help us! Among popular applications there are also those that can track the development of pregnancy in real time.

We present 5 pregnancy apps that moms-to-be want to have!

pregnancy “assistant” in the form of mobile application will certainly make the time of waiting for the birth more pleasant for future moms and in addition it will be a great source of information.

1. Moja ciąża z – advice and knowledge during pregnancy

The “Moja ciąża” application will guide the future mother through the entire period of pregnancy. You can count on it in all three trimesters. And what exactly will it be helpful in? It allows you to follow the development of your baby in real time, thanks to the special functions it offers and the videos, photos and advice it provides. Thanks to the possibilities of this application future moms can also control their weight and predict how it will change as the baby grows. What is important, the application also works without internet access. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

2. Pregnancy Assistant – pregnancy application

In the “Pregnancy Assistant” application pregnant women will find a convenient and simple “layette” list, as well as current promotions with products for moms and babies, which are currently valid in stores across the country. Another important and interesting point is that there is a support group for moms with near term babies.

3. Preglife – Pregnancy and Baby

Preglife is a multi-tasking pregnancy app that allows you to track the development of your baby from the beginning of your pregnancy until delivery. The app will perfectly guide the future mom through each week of pregnancy. You will find out exactly at what stage of pregnancy you are and how much time you have left until your due date. This application can also be downloaded from the Google Play store.

4. Timer of contractions 9m

According to Google statistics, the 9m Contraction Timer is the most frequently and most downloaded app in the world that measures labor contractions! The app will help moms-to-be keep track of contractions and tell you when it’s high time to head to the hospital. What if you want to give birth at home? Rest assured, this intuitive yet accurate app will let you know what stage of labor you are in at any given time. With the features of this app, you can also track your birth. How? By touching just one button at the beginning and end of each contraction

5. Contractions counter

The Contraction Counter helps you to keep track of the frequency and duration of your contractions during pregnancy and labour in a simple and clear way. Thanks to the clear graph, a future mother will quickly know if her contractions are getting stronger. With the option to enter the measurement manually, the woman can add previous, unrecorded contractions. What are the main functions of this app? It’s tracking the length and interval between contractions, graphically presenting contractions on a chart, and manually adding the length of contractions.

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