Nightmares, insomnia, sleep disorders? What other ailments can pregnant women experience?

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Nightmares, insomnia, sleep disorders? What other ailments can pregnant women experience?

Many pregnant moms-to-be hear the advice “get plenty of sleep, because the baby won’t let you sleep.” It turns out that implementing this idea can be very difficult, because nearly 80% of pregnant women struggle with sleep problems. A growing belly, painful baby kicks or realistic nightmares make it hard to get up refreshed and rested. Many pregnant women suffer from insomnia, which may be related to hormonal changes and more naps during the day. We suggest ways to slightly alleviate pregnancy-related sleep disorders.

Why do pregnant women suffer from sleep problems?

Sleep problems in pregnancy have a physical and emotional basis, and the raging storm of hormones does not make things easier. In the first months of pregnancy many women complain of frequent night waking and inability to fall asleep again. The reason for insomnia may be nausea, hot flashes, painful breasts or fears connected with the new situation. In the later stages, it can be difficult to find a suitable sleeping position, especially when the belly is already large. Another problem can be very realistic nightmares during pregnancy

Nightmares during pregnancy

During the third trimester of pregnancy, many moms-to-be have very realistic, often negative dreams. In addition, the ability to remember nightmares increases, so during the day we often return to them in our thoughts. Even women who usually do not dream anything during pregnancy notice a change in this area. The cause of vivid dreams is hormones, which can affect our mood, anxiety and subconsciousness. More frequent awakenings at night make it more difficult for us to fall into a deep sleep, thus the REM phase is prolonged, and it is during this phase that we dream most often

How to improve the quality of sleep during pregnancy?

There are several methods and gadgets that can help you cope with insomnia or nightmares during pregnancy

  • calm meditation before bedtime,
  • finding a comfortable sleeping position with a pregnancy pillow,
  • keeping a dream journal,
  • trying new sleeping positions,
  • airing your room before bedtime,
  • going to bed at regular times

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