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Sunglasses for children – which ones to choose?

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Sunglasses for children – which ones to choose?

Sunglasses, sun hat and sunscreen are a must for both children and parents during the summer heat. Eyes are very sensitive to sunlight so it is important to protect them properly. Colorful sunglasses are not only a cute gadget for our toddler, but also effective protection against harmful UV rays. It is worth noting that children’s eyes are more sensitive and therefore it is necessary to take care of their proper protection, especially in summer. We suggest to pay attention when choosing sunglasses for children

Many parents wonder whether it is worth buying children sunglasses. The answer is simple, of course yes! Appropriate sunglasses should be an essential part of the outfit every time we go out of the house during sunny days. Infants who are not yet a year old should not be exposed to direct sunlight at all, so it is best to go for walks in the morning or afternoon

When choosing sunglasses for your child should pay attention not only to the appropriate filter, but also to what the frames are made of. It is best when the manufacturer can boast of appropriate certificates and safety approvals. Sunglasses for toddlers should therefore be safe, solid and at the same time pretty, so that the child will be happy to put them on

How to choose sunglasses for your child?

What to follow when choosing sunglasses for your child? Here are some essential guidelines that every parent should check before deciding on a purchase:

  • Filters that protect against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Resistance to bumps and falls.
  • Nice and modern design – children are more likely to wear glasses that resemble those worn by mom or dad.
  • Comfortable, adapted to the shape of the child’s face. The frames should not cause discomfort
  • Dark lenses = better protection from the sun’s rays.
  • Suitable for the child’s style

A few proven proposals of sunglasses for children

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