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How should a child be dressed in the summer?

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How should a child be dressed in the summer?

How to dress a toddler in summer to ensure maximum comfort? Is a cap a necessity? Check our practical advice.

How to dress a baby in the summer – a common dilemma!

Every parent of a small child faces this problem. On the one hand we have our own intuition, on the other hand – a lot of “golden advice”, which often gladly advise us especially the older generation. Another point of reference nowadays is of course the Internet, where we can often find extremely different information. Here is a practical guide, which will dispel any doubts on this subject.

Dressing your child in the summer – it’s not so difficult

Every parent wants the best for their child and therefore we look for the best solutions. Toddlers are sensitive to external stimuli, so it’s no wonder that parents so often wonder whether the child will not be, for example, too cold in some clothes

Such concern is normal and completely understandable. However, all this is much less complicated than we might think. Of course we have to pay special attention to the clothes of our little ones, because a small child is not able to say that something is wrong. He can possibly signal it by crying, but we can’t communicate with him in a more specific way. So the whole responsibility rests on the parent

Several layers of clothes in summer – is it a good idea?

Parents, especially new parents, very often reach for several layers of baby clothes even in hot weather. It is a mistake! The rule is very simple – the toddler should wear one more layer than you.

So if the day is warm and the temperature is pleasant and you choose a short-sleeved T-shirt, your child can also be dressed like this, only you can additionally put on a thin sweater. This outfit will be comfortable. Several warm layers are not a good choice. Think – would you feel comfortable in such an outfit during a hot summer day?

Children’s clothing materials

It is worth to focus on the materials from which children’s clothes are made. Airy, lightweight clothes made of natural materials, such as 100% cotton, are an excellent choice to ensure maximum comfort for your child. On hot days especially, avoid artificial materials such as denim or suede.

Also pay attention to the color of the clothes – on warm days light colors are the best option. Dark colors attract the sun’s rays, and you don’t want your baby to get too hot.

How to dress a baby in the summer – you need it!

Do not know what clothes should be in your baby’s layette for the summer months? We suggest! For sure you can’t do without short-sleeved bodysuits and those with thicker straps, give your baby also a ramper. Socks are of course a must-have, but don’t be afraid to take them off your baby on hot days – it will be more pleasant for him

What about the cap?

The eternal question is: should a baby under three months old have a cap on its head? The answer is not unequivocal.

Certainly the head of a newborn and a toddler should be protected from the wind and sun, so a cap or a scarf is a good idea, but there is no point going to extremes. If the child has a nap in a baby carriage, under a shelter, and the day is hot, but not windy – you can give up a cap. Overheating is not good and it is worth remembering.

At what times not to go for a walk with a small child?

In this matter, the experts are unanimous. On hot days it is better to avoid walks with a toddler in full sunlight – safer to go for a walk in the morning, that is, before 11.00 a.m. Then go for a walk after 16.00, when the sun is no longer so intense. Dress your child in such a way as not to overheat and not to make it cold. To put it simply – dress lightly, but take the changeable weather into account. That’s why a hat and sweater should always be in the baby’s stroller bag, just in case the weather changes.

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