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4 treatments that even the busiest mom can do that will quickly improve your appearance

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4 treatments that even the busiest mom can do that will quickly improve your appearance

Exfoliation, a flaky mask, brushing and bathing your hands – it all takes literally a moment and gives visible results. Find out why it’s worth incorporating them into your routine.

Every mom, no matter how many responsibilities and issues she might have on her mind, can’t forget that she’s still a woman. And a woman should set aside some time just for herself. Despite appearances, many treatments do not require spending long hours in the bathroom, but can be done relatively quickly, even in between other activities.

Of course, regularity is important. Exfoliation or facial masks applied once a month or less will not give spectacular results. So we suggest which treatments are worth focusing on in the chaos of mom’s everyday life

Peeling not only the face but also the body

The mentioned peeling of the epidermis – both face and body – is very important. Peeling effectively removes impurities and stimulates the production of new cells. If we use it regularly, that is once a week, the skin becomes visibly smoother and better supplied with blood. It is also a great weapon in the fight against discoloration

Enzymatic peeling, which dissolves the epidermis and does not contain any abrasive particles, is best for delicate skin. Its execution does not take much time. It is just one additional step in the evening makeup removal and care.

Coffee peeling with firming and anti-cellulite properties is perfect for the body. Just a few vigorous movements are enough to enjoy the results.

Face mask, eye patches

Face mask is a real boon for our face. Its action is very wide – it can cleanse, moisturize, nourish, eliminate a specific skin problem. It penetrates deeper than a cream and should be applied once a week. It can be in the form of a gel, milk, peel off, in a sheet. Just find the right kind for you.

It is also worth taking care of the eye area. Eye patches work perfectly here (kept in a fridge to act as an additional cooling compress). Patches, like the mask, moisturize, nourish, firm and brighten this delicate area, they also help to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Both treatments do not require from us too much attention or even lying down for 15-20 minutes. During this time we can calmly take care of preparing a meal, playing, cleaning or still other duties. When the time is up, go back to the bathroom, remove the residue and move on to applying serum or cream

Dry body brushing

Body brushing is making waves. It has never been as popular as it is now. Brushes can be found not only in professional stores or beauty salons, but also in drugstores. There is a choice of natural and vegan bristles, for example, tampico

This treatment literally takes 3-4 minutes and can be done every day. It is suitable even for pregnant women (excluding the belly in the third trimester) and postpartum. It perfectly deals with lymphatic stagnation, lack of firmness, cellulite and stretch marks. It does not require any additional oils, lotions or milks. We ourselves adjust the pressure of the brush on the skin, directing short and quick movements towards the heart.

You don’t have to wait long for the effects and they are so visible that it is worth spending this moment before taking a bath or shower.

SPA for hands

Finally, let’s focus on our hands, which are our business card, but often get a real beating. Washing, disinfecting, cleaning (do you wear gloves then?), washing dishes, walking without gloves, lack of regularity in applying hand cream, and then no wonder that the skin is dry, irritated, and even cracked.

A way out of this situation (in addition to the aforementioned cleaning gloves and regular cream) is a few minutes of bathing hands in natural mixtures. For example, it can be warm milk with honey, milk with chamomile infusion, olive oil with lemon juice, water with lemon juice or water with flaxseed.

If we have an extra couple of minutes, we can still put a mask on our hands – mix olive oil with egg yolk and cover with foil, or add honey and butter to egg yolk.

As you can see, many beauty treatments we can easily do ourselves at home, even if we have little time

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