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How to teach a child to take care of oral hygiene? 6 patents

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How to teach a child to take care of oral hygiene? 6 patents

Kids are often not very eager to brush their teeth. So how to convince them to take care of their oral hygiene willingly and regularly?

Children should brush their teeth as soon as they come out of their gums – and even earlier. The millipedes should already be taken care of. Unfortunately, not all toddlers want to take care of their oral hygiene. Fortunately, there are ways to encourage them to do so. 

Buy a good toothbrush with your favorite hero

When buying a toothbrush for a child, pay attention not only to the small head (it must fit the toddler’s mouth) or soft bristles. It is worth choosing one that will encourage them to reach for it. Currently on the market there are plenty of toothbrushes with various heroes loved by children around the world. So it’s worth choosing one with your offspring’s favorite character drawn on it. Then you can be sure that he will be eager to brush his teeth. 

In stores you can also find toothbrushes for children that are equipped with various extras, such as colored lights or beeps that signal how long it takes to brush teeth.

Cool and good quality fluoride toothpaste

Just like the toothbrush – the toothpaste is also important. Of course, it should have fluoride, which will prevent tooth decay. Fortunately, in the wide range of different manufacturers of pastes, you can find one that has the right composition, flavor, as well as drawing. Because in this case, too, you can find favorites from fairy tales on the tubes.

Brushing teeth can be great fun

Taking care of oral hygiene does not have to be boring. For example, you can arrange to brush your teeth together and then compare in the mirror which are cleaner. There are also special liquids that tint your teeth in crazy colors or ones that show you where you still need to scrub with your toothbrush.

The toothbrush can be a garbage truck that sweeps up all the worms, bacteria, etc. and has to do its job thoroughly, it can act as a car on a special car wash, etc. In fact, there can be a whole lot of games, you can brush your teeth to the rhythm of your favorite song or check which toothpaste foams more – the only limit is our imagination.

Appreciate your child and praise them

Kids love to be appreciated, so it’s worth praising them for taking care of their oral hygiene. You can also emphasize this, for example, during a visit to the dentist, telling the dentist that there are no “worms” in the teeth, because they are thoroughly brushed every day – the child’s pride is sure to be enormous and encourage further effort.

Brushing teeth together

Children like to imitate adults. So it’s worth brushing their teeth together, thus setting a good example for them. Besides, the child feels more adult, watching mom and dad take care of oral hygiene, and develops the habit himself.

Hourglass counting time

Children love to look at the hourglass. So it’s a good idea to let your toddler turn it over and watch the sand slide to the other side while he brushes his teeth. This procedure will certainly make the brushing longer, as the child will want to keep doing it until all the sand has sifted out. 

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