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Teenage makeup – do you know when it’s acceptable and what rules you should set?

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Teenage makeup – do you know when it’s acceptable and what rules you should set?

It’s not just adult women who think about makeup – teenage girls also want to feel more beautiful and confident. Do you know in what cases you should agree to your daughter’s makeup?

Makeup is a very important element for many women, without which they cannot imagine leaving the house. Some find it easier to start their day without breakfast than without putting on makeup. Cosmetics such as lipstick or blush make them feel more beautiful, attractive and therefore more confident. There comes a point in many moms’ lives when they notice that their teenage daughters are also starting to take an interest in makeup. How to react? How do you talk to your teenage daughter and what rules do you establish with her?

When to allow a teenage girl to wear makeup?

At first, it is worth noting that a girl should not paint herself before the age of 12. This is primarily due to the condition of the young skin. Colored cosmetics can only harm her. Another argument is also the reception of makeup by others, for example, teachers at school, who may not like full makeup in such a young person. And what if the girl is a bit older? The answer to this question is not at all simple and obvious, and many parents still do not know the answer to it. It’s a very individual question that depends on several factors, such as how much makeup the teenager wants to wear and her complexion.

Skin and makeup

If a girl has beautiful, natural skin without any imperfections, but still wants to start wearing makeup, it is worth talking to her and asking why she actually wants to do it. It is worth explaining to her why women paint themselves (they do it to hide certain flaws). Putting colorful cosmetics on very young, healthy skin can only burden it instead of helping it. However, if the child struggles with acne and is ashamed of its blemishes, then it is worth helping him/her to find an appropriate, good quality concealer, which will help to cover imperfections. Of course, it is also worth taking care of proper care of such skin. No matter what the situation is, it is always good to go with your daughter to the drugstore and buy a cosmetic that will not harm the young skin.

What are the rules of makeup for a teenager?

There are situations in which hard arguments of parents do not convince teenagers not to paint themselves. However, once such a decision has been made, certain rules should be established. First of all, it is worth distinguishing between daytime make-up and make-up worn on the way to a disco or a meeting with friends. Daytime makeup (for example, to school) should be delicate and subtle and not be conspicuous. Its task is to mask certain imperfections, such as youthful acne. Strong makeup weighs down the skin, it has no room to breathe, and all this causes that pimples appear even more.

Which cosmetics should I choose and which should I avoid?

First of all, a young girl should not use fluid. This cosmetic is reserved for adult women. Instead, she can use concealer or loose powder (preferably transparent), whose aim is to mattify the complexion. The use of mascara is also acceptable. When it comes to evening makeup, it can be a bit stronger. A teenager may put on blush (in moderation, of course), as well as eye shadow and a delicate lip gloss.

What to keep in mind?

Every woman who notices that her teenage daughter is starting to paint herself faces a difficult challenge. However, the same goes for young girls who are slowly becoming women, starting to change and want to work on their appearance. It is important to spend as much time as possible talking to your child during this period. Show patience and understanding. This will make it easier for your child to deal with the challenges they face during puberty and avoid many mistakes.

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