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What shouldn’t you wear during pregnancy? These 4 fashions will add pounds to you

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What shouldn’t you wear during pregnancy? These 4 fashions will add pounds to you

Pregnancy is generally quite a difficult time for any woman. A lot of excess pounds are added at a very fast pace, and the developing baby is growing, which makes the belly round up a lot. This is the normal course of things, but at this time it is very difficult to fit fashionable clothes so that you look good in them. Let’s check what is better to avoid during pregnancy!

Clothes that are better to give up during pregnancy

If you directly love fashion in everyday life and often wear clothes that are just in time, during pregnancy you need to be patient. Your changing figure means that not every piece of clothing will look good on you. Which cuts are downright ruthless in this case?

Oversize dresses

This model once reigned supreme in the closets of our mothers. Practically every woman who was “hopeful” had such a dress in her closet. We are, of course, talking about loose cuts, which may be comfortable and, in addition, airy and do not restrict movement, but, nevertheless, they make the figure of a pregnant woman, with a sizable bust and tummy, look simply not very favorable. It then appears even larger than it really is. Such an image in the mirror will certainly not have a good effect on the mood of the future mother, especially with the raging storm of hormones. It may even end in crying. Therefore, it is worth hanging up such models in the closet and choosing stretchy and close-fitting versions that will nicely emphasize the pregnant curves.

Crop tops

This type of clothing requires a practically perfect belly. During pregnancy, this part of the body looks really cute, but it is not very aesthetically pleasing to look completely on top. Admittedly, celebrities are increasingly showing up in styles that expose their body mass even when they are in a blessed state, but the average bread eater is unlikely to be ready for this. As a matter of fact, in the city, it is unlikely that any woman with a sizable belly will feel very comfortable and relaxed in such an outfit. Therefore, it is worth hanging them up in the closet and waiting for the next season.

Midi skirts with an elevated top

This type of clothing is very demanding. If the bottom of the skirt is voluminous, and on top of that it has an elevated top, and you are pregnant, the whole thing will create a really not very favorable picture. No matter what blouse you choose to go with it, the skirt will add a mass of centimeters to you and fatally affect your self-image. However, you can replace it with a pencil skirt made of soft material, which will pleasantly wrap your changing figure.

Hip pants

Admittedly, fashion is coming back and this season hip pants are already the king, but they will not work for pregnant women. They will unpleasantly rub the delicate skin on the abdomen, and widen the hips. In addition, then they shorten the entire silhouette, and even if you are one of those with long legs, you will appear shorter, and at the same time the proportions of the figure will be strongly distorted. Opt for maternity pants with a special fabric insert, which will be comfortable and stylish.

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