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First bike for a child – which model will be a hit?

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First bike for a child – which model will be a hit?

Surely not many parents want their child to have a chance to learn to ride a bike. On the market we have a lot of proposals. What model will be the best for a child’s first bike? Let’s check it out!

Cycling is an activity that is extremely popular among children, teenagers and older people. No wonder that parents want their child to get used to riding such equipment as soon as possible. Nowadays we have a wide range of bicycles for toddlers. However, it is worth to think over such purchase and choose the right size and type of bicycle for the age and height of a child

Why should you start cycling with a child in a child seat?

The first issue we will discuss is the moment when our toddler should start his adventure with a bicycle. It is good if a parent takes a child for a ride in a special seat or a trailer from an early age. Then the child gets accustomed to the passing landscape and the form of activity, which is travelling on two wheels. Moving on a bicycle should start when a child can already walk well and run freely. Such a two-year-old should start his adventure with a cross-country bike.

To start – cross-country bicycle

Many manufacturers recommend starting the adventure with bicycles from a cross-country model, that is, one that does not have pedals. The purpose of such equipment is that the child can easily “run” on it. By pushing off with alternate feet from the ground, the toddler will set the bike in motion. Such rolling allows to safely lift legs and balance, which will be very useful when we buy a classic bike. The toddler learns balance and proper motor coordination

It is worth emphasizing how important it is to match the running bicycle to the child’s height (feet should touch the ground) and weight. The model we choose must be light and preferably will weigh about 2 kg. Cross-country mini-bikes are offered by Kross or Decathlon, and models worth noting are: B’Twin Run Ride 520 Cruiser 10 or Run Ride 900 MTB 12″

Tricycles or maybe a two-wheeler with side wheels?

A cross-country bike is a model for a child up to about age 3. Older ones should already be riding a 12-16″ bike. A tricycle can be found in a version with pedals in the middle and a model with pedals placed at the front wheel. The first solution is a little better, because the toddler will already be able to maintain a proper posture and will start riding more easily. Pay attention to the regular spacing of the rear wheels, which are supposed to provide stability to the child. Such a tricycle can be found on the website of Bikester (Puky Fitsch Tricycle) or Smyk (Qplay Elite).

Two-wheeled bicycle with side wheels seems to be the most classic proposal for the first bicycle for a child. Such a model can be easily adapted when our child grows up, because the side wheels can be unscrewed. It is important that the additional two wheels should be a little higher from the ground (about 1 cm). Why is it so? The construction will allow the child to catch a proper balance. Interesting models from Kross are the Racer 4.0 and Mini 3.0, and the bike 100 ARCTIC 14″ from Decathlon.

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