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What sensory toys to buy your child for Christmas?

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What sensory toys to buy your child for Christmas?

Christmas is approaching. It is a time when children get a lot of gifts. It is worth taking care of gifts that will benefit their development. The best idea are sensory toys. Which ones to choose?

The youngest kids get a lot of gifts during Christmas time. Most of them are various types of toys. When buying them, however, it is worth to pay attention not only to what is currently “in vogue”. Quality is important, as the toys should be, above all, safe and have appropriate certificates. It is also important what impact they have on the youngest, especially that there are many toys developing senses in stores.

Sensory toys – what is it and why is it worth it?

Sensory toys are objects that develop a child’s senses while playing. They affect touch, sight, hearing, and sometimes taste and smell. Some provide just one stimulus, others many – depending on the type. They are especially recommended for infants. This stimulation of the senses in the first months of life has a great impact on the child’s further development. Thanks to it, he learns new sounds and shapes, which positively influences the process of sensory integration

Sensory toys, as a rule, are not inspired by fashionable fairy tales, are not distinguished by fine decorations. Instead, they have such a shape, structure, etc. that they are often much more interesting to a child than the most fashionable products promoted in advertisements

What kind of sensory toys should be given to a child for Christmas?

There are many different sensory toys available in stores. For the youngest ones, it’s best to use squishies, balls and sensory mats that develop touch. They are soft and can be chewed, squeezed and thrown. The books often have additional elements in the form of inserts made of different materials, which keeps the child busy by touching them and learning about different surfaces

For Christmas, however, toys that develop the sense of hearing will certainly be a hit. Infants should be given a rattle, which, apart from making sounds, has additional wheels or a special mirror safe for toddlers. Slightly older children should be given simple instruments such as cymbals or a small guitar. In this case, the child not only learns the sounds, but there is also a chance that in the future it will become interested in playing on professional equipment

All kinds of sound books are also a yearly hit. Toddlers can press pictures that squeak or play. An interesting proposal are also those that imitate animal sounds

A great idea for a gift are also toys with a projector, which shows different kinds of pictures and shapes on the wall or ceiling. The child can watch them change, move, etc

When buying sensory toys, the first thing to consider is the age of the child. While cards with contrasts will work well for a few weeks old children, they are unlikely to work well for teenagers. It is also worth choosing them in terms of development, whether we care to stimulate all senses or one.

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