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New Year’s Eve – tips on fashionable outfits for mom and baby

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New Year’s Eve – tips on fashionable outfits for mom and baby

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It’s been a year already! When has that time passed? It’s time to celebrate the first twelve months with your little one. Not only do you need a cake, gifts, and decorations, but also styling for you and your baby. If you’re still busily searching for inspiration for birthday looks, here are some ideas!

Why should you take care to refine your joint creations? Without a doubt, your little one’s first birthday is also your celebration. You have lived a whole year together, possibly the most beautiful, but also the most difficult year in your life. Your child does not yet know why all the fuss is made, but this is the day when you have a chance to meet with all your loved ones again. Decorate yourself… if only for yourself! After all it has been 365 days of hard work. The first 365 days of your life together

Like mom, like baby

Do you know the saying that the apple does not fall far from the tree? Although its meaning is usually negative, this time it is worth taking it quite literally. If you are in a dilemma what to wear for your one year old daughter’s big day, an interesting idea is to decide on the same outfits! On the web there is no shortage of sets for moms and their little ones, which impress not only with the cut, but above all with the ingenuity. Everyone at the party will be delighted when you appear in matching outfits, not to mention how great you will look in the pictures. This solution will work not only for moms and their daughters. You can also dress in the same way, if your son’s first birthday is coming up. Instead of dresses you can wear pants or overalls

In one color

If you think that identical outfits are too much for you, you can always tie your outfits together with the same accessories or colorful accents. Pair your little gentleman’s red polka dot fly with a skirt of the same pattern or wear the same jewelry with your daughter. Shared accessories are also a great idea for a souvenir, because they will take up much less space in the closet than the entire styling. Think ahead – wearing jewelry or a bow tie during the first birthday celebration is a perfect sentimental gift for the eighteenth

Interesting contrasts

Remember that fashion is all about fun! That is why contrasts work just as well in your outfits. Black and white may not go well with a colorful birthday party, but the possibilities do not end there. Try combining yellow with purple or orange with navy blue. Such contrasts work especially well in summer, when warm weather encourages you to reach for more intense colors. If you don’t feel safe in intensive shades yourself, go for a contrast, but… pastels with expressiveness! Put on a powder pink blouse, and dress your baby in a fuchsia outfit. You will look charming together

Bet on print!

An interesting pattern on clothing is always a good idea when you choose an outfit for your little one. Nothing stands in the way of adding a strong print to your outfit. Wake up your inner child and show up at your kid’s birthday party wearing a jumpsuit with colorful flowers or a shirt with geometric patterns. Toddler’s birthday is a perfect occasion to go out of your comfort zone and bet on something crazy. Maybe a shirt in animal spots? On the other hand, every young lady will undoubtedly like dress for baby girl with animals or original floral print. And do not be afraid to bet on something unobvious, like funny toadstools or cherries!

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