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4 models of shoes in which every mom will look stylish … and feel comfortable?

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4 models of shoes in which every mom will look stylish … and feel comfortable?

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In the everyday life of every mother the priority is her child – safety, happiness and health of the little one. However, style lovers do not want to give up on a fashionable look and interesting styling when a baby arrives in the world. Although mothers appreciate comfortable and practical solutions, it does not exclude the possibility of creating a stylish outfit. See what models of shoes every mother should have in her closet to look fashionable and not sacrifice comfort.

Sneakers and sneakers – genius in simplicity

All moms know that going to the playground with a child, you can not wear stilettos. Shoes on a walk with a toddler must provide us with comfort, mobility and the ability to throw up to run at any time. To ensure that your child is cared for and safe while playing outdoors, we must dress comfortably. Outfits and shoes must not restrict our movements or slow us down. Sneakers are a timeless shoe model that is present in probably every closet. This is such a universal type of shoes that they will go well with both pants and a dress. Sneakers will also go well with a jacket, skirt or a suit. No styling will lose on the fact that you complement it with sneakers, and for you it will be definitely more comfortable and will give you the opportunity to fully enjoy the time spent with your children.

Flip-flops and sandals, as a perfect complement to summer styling

On hot summer days we want to cool down in every possible way. We wear short shorts, skirts and light dresses made of natural materials, so that high temperatures do not bother us as much as possible. The same goes for our feet, which suffer from the heat just as much as the skin on our bodies. Heavy shoes made of artificial and non-breathable materials are a real pain for the feet. Inappropriate shoes can lead to chafing, abrasions, blisters and fungal foot diseases that develop in warm, humid environments

For the health of our feet and comfort while caring for a child, it is worth choosing lightweight sandals, adequate for summer temperatures. Recently, the absolute hit among celebrities and influencers have been flip-flops with furwhich not only provide comfort to the feet, but are also an extremely stylish element of clothing. Such flip-flops or, for example, also recently fashionable sandals with colorful pumps, can be an interesting and quite extravagant addition to a simple styling, which will enliven an outfit and change its character.

Flip-flops for an important occasion

For an event, such as a wedding or a banquet, it is appropriate to wear high-heeled shoes. However, we all know that this is not the most stable or comfortable type of footwear. Much more support, both on the dance floor and when playing with a toddler, will give us a platform wedge. Platform shoes are a perfect solution for moms who want to look good and stylish, but not give up comfort. They will optically lengthen your legs and make you look great in your outfit, and your feet will not be as strained as in the case of stilettos.

Shoes are the basis of comfort, but also the basis of style and elegance. As a mom, you need comfort and full mobility to keep up with your child, who is always a volcano of energy. At home, on a walk, at the playground or at a party, you can still look phenomenal without sacrificing your sense of comfort

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