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What clothes to pack for your child at camp? Check list

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What clothes to pack for your child at camp? Check list

Is it nearing time to pack your child for camp? Check out what they need to take with them. With this check list you’re sure not to forget anything

Your child’s first camp – an experience for the whole family

Is your child going to his or her first camp? Surely the whole family is excited and a little nervous about it. After all, this is a big event for all of you! Suddenly, you realize that your little one is no longer a toddler at all, but a pretty big kid who has to get along without his parents, among his peers. Although you are full of anxiety, everything will be fine. However, you should prepare for the trip properly. If you are not sure what you should pack for your child – read our short guide, thanks to which nothing will surprise you.

Underwear for every day

This is an absolute must. Underwear for every day of the trip is a guarantee of comfort and hygiene. A small child may not think about it, so prepare a set of clean underwear for each day in your luggage. It is also worth thinking about a few extra pieces. You can’t count on your child to do their own laundry during the colony. So it is best to simply put on underwear for each day and talk to the child about the need to change it. Remember that the first trip without parents is a big experience and the child does not need to know everything. Especially since at home you are probably the one who takes care of everything

Warm sweatpants are a must have

Even though the trip takes place in the summer, you cannot forget about warm sweatpants and a sweatshirt. This is a real must have, especially since it can get chilly in the evenings. It is not possible for your child to do without a decent sweatshirt. It is best if it is simply a warm sweatshirt with a hood. In case of an evening bonfire, this will be the perfect styling. Fashionable, comfortable and convenient!

Rain jacket

What happens if it rains heavily during the camp? Nothing terrible, because thanks to our guide you can equip your child with a raincoat. Such a jacket should undoubtedly be in the backpack of a small participant of the trip. Weather can be capricious, and without a raincoat it will be really hard. You cannot forget about it!

Covered shoes

Don’t make the mistake of packing only lightweight summer shoes for your child’s summer camp. Sandals and flip-flops are not footwear that will work in all circumstances. Covered shoes are a must – decent sneakers should do the job, although some people say that waterproof shoes are a total must have. Well, there might be something in that. If you have room in your child’s suitcase, think about waterproof boots, and maybe they will come in handy!

Beanie – protection from the sun

A winter beanie with a pom-pom is unlikely to come in handy during a summer camp, but sun protection is something you can’t do without. It’s a matter of comfort, but also safety. Before leaving, it’s a good idea to have a conversation with your child about wearing a hat and using sunscreen. These are elements of education that will stay with the child for life

So, is your suitcase packed? You can go to camp – it will be a great time of attractions for the child and rest for the parents!

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