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How to dress the baby when you leave the hospital?

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How to dress the baby when you leave the hospital?

The birth of a child is a moment that is experienced not only by the young mother, but also by the whole family. Particularly for the first baby, there are a lot of questions about how to proceed at any time. The first challenge awaits at the very beginning of the journey. How to dress a newborn baby to go home from the hospital? Check it out!

Leaving the hospital to go home is an important moment!

The first moments with a toddler are an incredibly poignant, but also stressful moment for every mother. While in the hospital after the birth, everything is supervised by midwives and doctors, but soon comes the moment of leaving home and the time for independent decisions. So many questions, so few answers. The first major dilemma is how to dress the baby when you leave the hospital. After all, in the ward the child is in an almost sterile environment, and outside, very different weather conditions await. Your baby’s health is something you care about most from the moment of delivery. But don’t stress – we’ll give you tips on how to dress your little one for this important day.

Adjust clothing to the season

We know very well that many young mothers, wanting the best for their children, succumb to the pressure to overheat the baby. But the truth is that the outfit – even for a newborn – is matched to the season. You’ll dress your baby differently during the hot summer and differently when it’s rainy autumn or winter. This does not mean that it is safe if the toddler is dressed only in a lightweight bodysuit, but a fleece jumpsuit will not always work either.

How to dress a baby for leaving the hospital in summer and spring?

So let’s start with the warmer months. If you gave birth in the summer or warm spring, your task of dressing the baby will be a little easier. On a really hot day, all you need to do is put your newborn in a short-sleeved bodysuit and shorts, as well as thin socks.

Remember to choose clothes made of natural materials. Cotton will be an ideal choice here. During cooler summer and spring days, when the temperature is several degrees, reach for a long-sleeved bodysuit, in addition, an unbuttoned sweater, for example, will also come in handy, if you think the situation requires it. In case of wind, it is necessary to put a cotton cap on the child. In the case of a baby born in spring and summer, a bamboo blanket or a light muslin diaper can also be a useful gadget.

How to dress the baby for leaving the hospital in autumn and winter?

During the colder months you need a little more layers of clothes. In autumn and winter, for sure, the newborn should wear a long-sleeved bodysuit, pants and warm socks. Be sure to stock up on a jumpsuit as well. How warm it will be depends on the temperature. In autumn – in September and October – a warm overalls and a cotton cap are usually enough. In winter, on the other hand, you’ll definitely need an insulated suit that is waterproof on top of that. Don’t forget a hat, too. Also prepare a warm blanket!

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