Spotting during pregnancy – is it a cause for concern?

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Spotting during pregnancy – is it a cause for concern?

Spotting may occur during pregnancy. At that time, every woman panics. No wonder, for she fears for the health and life of her unborn child. However, this does not always have to be a cause for concern. 

Often such a situation does not herald anything dangerous, but it is worth checking what may be going on in the body and not to underestimate anything worrying. So what can blood stains on underwear during pregnancy mean?

Spotting during pregnancy – what does it mean?

Pregnant women pay attention to every disturbing signal. Throughout this important period, their body, and especially the uterus, changes a lot. Then there may be a slight, harmless spotting. Often mothers-to-be do not even realize that during the nesting of the embryo in the first trimester, brown spots may appear on the underwear. If this is not accompanied by pain and the spotting is short-lived, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if it is accompanied by pain in the sacrum, and the amount of blood increases significantly, especially within the first three months, then it may even mean a miscarriage. In this case, you should immediately go to a gynecologist or even to the hospital.

Often it may turn out that spotting is due to the fact that the placenta is detaching from the uterine walls. In such a case, the doctor advises extreme caution and continuously monitors the course of the pregnancy, and prescribes medication for support. As a rule, in such cases, the growing fetus makes the placenta return to its proper place and the pregnancy at later stages proceeds properly.

Blood in pregnancy – what can worry?

In the next two trimesters of pregnancy, spotting may also occur. However, it can mean something much more serious. In this case, we are talking about infections, erosions, and even an anterior placenta. Such a situation can occur in the second trimester. At this time, premature labor can also occur, which, of course, heralds not only heavy bleeding, but also predictive contractions. On the other hand, in the last period, when labor is imminent, it is advisable to be very careful, especially when lifting. Avoid increased activity and monitor your health. If blood nevertheless appears, it is unequivocal that labor has begun. Fortunately, this is extremely rare and, with a properly managed pregnancy, is unlikely to happen. However, it is worth keeping in mind to be very careful during this period.

Disturbing symptoms in pregnancy

It is worth mentioning that spotting in the blessed state occurs in 25% of women and is unlikely to herald anything dangerous. As a rule, these are symptoms associated with the body’s preparation for pregnancy and pass very quickly. However, it is worth monitoring the pregnancy from the beginning and finding a doctor who will guide the future mother through this time in peace and good health. This will avoid fear and unnecessary stress, and the baby will be born healthy in due time.

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