How to read a pregnancy test result? What does one line mean and what does two lines mean?

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How to read a pregnancy test result? What does one line mean and what does two lines mean?

Many couples trying for a baby can’t wait for the moment when two clear lines show up on the test. This is a clear sign that the woman is pregnant. Thanks to sensitive pregnancy tests, which involve putting a few drops of urine on a special strip, we can find out in the first weeks of pregnancy whether we are going to become parents. Sometimes the second line on the test is not clear and a woman has doubts whether she is pregnant. Check when is the best time to do a pregnancy test

How does a pregnancy test work and how to interpret its results?

Home pregnancy tests are a simple and effective way to check whether the pregnancy has occurred. The sensitive test is designed to detect a pregnancy hormone called chorionic gonadotropin -hCG. The test can show a reliable result as early as 8 days after conception, when the level of the hormone begins to rise. It is best to do the test at home on the day of your expected period – the result will be more reliable then. The result is obtained in a few minutes. What do the lines on the pregnancy test represent?

  • Two lines – Congratulations! You are pregnant. The test is positive. On digital tests instead of two lines you may see the word “yes” or a plus symbol (+). Usually, even a slightly outlined white line in the T area means that you are blessed.
  • One line in area C and no line in area T – usually such a result is negative and means you are not pregnant. For digital pregnancy tests, you will see “no” or minus (-) written on the screen
  • No lines or one line in area C – the test was done incorrectly and the result is wrong. In this situation, you should retake the test using a new specimen

How to perform a pregnancy test?

It is best to take a pregnancy test according to the instructions on the package. You can find three types of pregnancy tests in stores and pharmacies:

  1. Plate – urine needs to be placed on the test plate using a dropper,
  2. Stream – the tip of the test is placed under the stream of urine and held for a few seconds,
  3. Strips – the tip is dipped into a previously prepared container of urine. It is best that the container is sterile before urinating into it

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