Personal training – can it help you lose weight after having a baby?

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Personal training – can it help you lose weight after having a baby?

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In the rush of responsibilities it is often difficult to find a moment for yourself. Shedding extra pounds after childbirth can be especially troublesome when you spend most of your time taking care of your baby. A visit to the gym is the last thing you feel like doing – and that’s when personal training with the use of electrostimulation comes in

What makes EMS training the best fit for young moms? First of all, you can easily find a place for it even in your busiest schedule. Half an hour of personal training with the use of electrostimulation twice a week guarantees the same results as five hour and a half sessions of traditional exercises in the gym. It’s a great convenience for moms who want to lose a few pounds after pregnancy but don’t have the time or inclination for strenuous exercise.

What is EMS training?

The effectiveness of EMS training is based on the use of a special MEON EMS system, which consists of a comfortable suit with built-in electrodes, a connector that fits in your pocket and an application designed by experienced trainers. Electric impulses delivered directly to your muscles during workout resemble signals coming from the nervous system, which makes the exercises much more effective, and during one session you are able to burn up to 1200 kcal. What’s important, electrostimulation stimulates ten main muscle parts simultaneously and you don’t even have to use weights!

How much does a personal trainer cost?

Are you interested in modern EMS training, but you are afraid that it cost of a personal trainer exceed your household budget? Pay attention to how effective this type of physical activity is. The cost of sessions with a personal trainer quickly pays for itself as they are much more efficient than traditional gym exercises. The price of training with a personal trainer is about 100 – 200 PLN per hour, but two meetings a week are enough to replace five days of independent exercises. Additionally personal training with the use of electrostimulation includes the service of a personal trainer, because EMS training is always a personal training. The presence of a qualified trainer is necessary to operate the application, properly adjusting the power and frequency of the electrical pulses to the exercises performed. The price may seem high, but it is undoubtedly a cost-effective service, the effects of which you will notice as soon as two weeks after starting the training. It is also not a luxury reserved only for residents of big cities. MEON EMS studios, where you can sign up for classes with a certified personal trainer, can be found in many places in Poland, such as Bielsko-Bialagdańsk, Katowice, Opole, Poznań, Szamotuły and Wrocław

What results can I expect?

Of course, the main benefit of personal training with the use of electrostimulation is fast return to the form from before pregnancy, but this is not the end of the advantages of these exercises. Deciding on regular sessions, you can expect many phenomenal effects, such as:

  • reduction of back pain,
  • improved blood circulation,
  • noticeable improvements in fitness and muscle endurance,
  • improvement of skin firmness and reduction of cellulite,
  • big time savings,
  • better mood.

By signing up for an EMS workout, you’ll not only take care of your body, but you’ll also allow your head to reset and return to your little one with renewed vigor. Remember that physical activity can also be a form of relaxation, and it’s a good idea to find a moment for yourself in the daily grind.

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