Exercising after childbirth – what form of exercise is best for a newly mom?

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Exercising after childbirth – what form of exercise is best for a newly mom?

Have you recently become a mom and would like to get back in shape? Find out what exercises you can choose, and what you should avoid for now.

Active mother is a happy mother

You tried to be active all the time and you can hardly stand the fact that at the end of pregnancy and after the birth you did not exercise? Do you dream of returning to physical activity? We understand that perfectly. Remember, however, that returning to training at this time requires a lot of caution on your part. What exercises can you do after giving birth? How many weeks must pass before you can train intensively? Find out!

Postpartum – six weeks of rest

Most experts agree on this. Midwifery, which lasts about six weeks after the birth, is a time when the newly mom should rest and give her body time to recover. Pregnancy and childbirth are quite an effort, after all, so it’s understandable that you need some time to recover.

For most young moms, regaining your pre-pregnancy figure is a big deal, but rest assured-it’s not going away! Also give yourself time for your hormones to normalize. Six weeks is the wisest time to wait before you return to training. You should also consult your gynaecologist at your postpartum check-up.

What exercises after pregnancy are best for moms?

Once the puerperium has passed, you can indeed usually return to exercise, but you should consider the type of exercise. Acute training is not always a good option – for example, after a caesarean section, the body may take a little longer to recover. Then the readiness for intensive exercise is not so obvious. It is a good idea to consult a physiotherapist on this matter.

Fitness for mothers

Women after pregnancy and childbirth are usually interested in general body shaping, especially abdomen and thighs. So a good idea seems to be fitness for moms! Some gyms offer this kind of organized classes, to which you can take even the little ones. Moms exercise and kids play at a safe distance – a great combination, right? You’ll have a great time in the company of other women, with whom you’ll have common topics, and you’ll work on your figure.

Work out at the gym

Are you a fan of working out at the gym? As a young mom, you can also go to such a place. It will be a good idea to use a treadmill, for example. Consult a physiotherapist if you want to do intensive strength training.

Training at home

Since you became a mom, you have less time for yourself. Going to the gym isn’t that easy – after all, everything has to be organized. It’s no wonder that home workouts are a popular option.

Lots of women are using materials provided for free by online trainers. Training during the baby’s nap is a practical solution that is worth taking advantage of if you want to get back to being active and work on your figure. On social media, you will also find plenty of other women who are fighting for a better shape and motivate each other, showing their metamorphoses thanks to exercises at home.

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