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Electronic nanny – what to follow when buying one?

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Electronic nanny – what to follow when buying one?

Electronic nanny is something without which many parents can not imagine life with a baby. Are you thinking about buying such a device? Then check out what you should pay attention to when choosing one.

Electronic nanny is increasingly popular

Do you always want to keep an eye on your little one? That’s understandable. However, you don’t need to keep watch by his side all the time. During the toddler’s nap, you can calmly drink coffee in the kitchen or watch your favorite TV series on the living room couch, or even take care of household chores. All this, without losing sight of the child and the ability to react quickly in case he wakes up. Such possibilities are provided by the electronic nanny. This is an equipment that parents are reaching for more and more willingly. Check out what you need to pay attention to when choosing a model for your family.

Electronic nanny – how does it work?

This is an equipment that will allow you to keep an eye on your child at all times. How does it work? Quite simply! The electronic nanny is equipped with a transmitter, which you place where the child is, and a receiver – this in turn is always where the parent is. The transmitter sends sound and video to the receiver.

This is a device that comes in handy, especially if, for example, you live in a large house and, during the toddler’s nap, you decide to tidy up the laundry or drink coffee quite a distance from his room.

Types of electronic nannies

You will find several types of electronic nannies on the market. It’s worth checking out different models to decide which equipment will be best for you. Certainly, the most basic and cheapest choice will be a nanny equipped only with audio function, without video. If you don’t have too big a budget, and you want to get an electronic nanny, then one with an audio function will be a good option. 

A more expensive choice is a nanny equipped with both audio and video. With a range of tens to even hundreds of meters, using such a device is extremely comfortable and provides a full view of the child’s room. It’s also a great option for vacations. Some people also bet on electronic nannies with a breathing monitor function.

What to look out for?

If you are considering buying such a device, pay attention first of all to its range. This is very important, because some people use the electronic nanny only in a small apartment, while others want to take it on vacation. So decide at the outset what range you are interested in. Another parameter is, of course, the power supply. A convenient option is battery power. 

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