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Why choose sensory toys?

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Why choose sensory toys?

The era of colorful toys that serve only to entertain toddlers is slowly coming to an end. More and more popular are sensory toys that develop baby’s senses. Why is it worth choosing them?

Sensory toys are toys that stimulate physical and mental development of a child from the youngest age. They stimulate hearing, sight, touch, smell and sometimes taste. Sensory toys are distinguished by different textures of materials they are made of, contrasting colors, shiny elements and sounds they make. Sensory toys include books, rattles, music boxes, musical instruments, sensory cubes, play materials, puzzles, and blocks. The choice of toy should be matched to the age of the child. Toys of this type are indicated from the birth of a baby to + 6 years of age. From the wide range of sensory toys, it is worth choosing one that will provide your child with great fun and learning about the world in a way that suits him.

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