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Autumn shoes for a child – what should they be?

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Autumn shoes for a child – what should they be?

Autumn this is the time when many parents start looking at shoes for their baby. What kind should they choose?

As soon as cooler days arrive, it’s a sign that summer has passed and it’s time to check your child’s closet. And this one is often due for replacement, as toddlers grow at an incredible rate. This applies not only to clothing size, but also to shoes. In the case of the latter, choosing them based only on size and color is certainly not a good idea. A child’s foot is constantly being shaped, so it’s a good idea to choose good quality shoes that will promote the proper development of your child. It is worth remembering that the foot is not formed until around the age of 18, and ossification continues until the age of 8.

Shoes must have a flexible sole

Very important in autumn shoes for a child is that they have a flexible sole. Then they will not constrain the feet. In addition, the sole should adhere well to the ground, which also ensures safety from falls. For autumn shoes, additional stiffening is not advisable.

When shopping, it’s worth trying to bend the shoes in your hands to see if we need a lot of strength to do so – if so, we should give up buying them. Soles that are too hard contribute to unnatural overloading, which in turn results in abnormal muscle tension.

The right size

It is very important to choose the right size of shoes. They must not be tight or too big. If they are, small feet may be deformed. The toes should have enough room to move freely, but the foot must be stable and not move back and forth. With the selection of size is the most difficult in the case of the youngest children. Therefore, it is a good idea to use a special measuring tape, which is available in stores. You can also use a white piece of paper and mark the line of the foot, measure it and adjust it later to the size of the shoes.

For autumn shoes, do not forget that a thicker sock is often worn. Therefore, for an insole of 15 cm, it is worth choosing shoes that are 16-16.5 cm.

Waterproof material

Another important point is that the shoes should be made of waterproof material. Autumn is a time when it is often damp, wet and unexpected rains occur. In addition, the materials should also protect against perspiration and allow the foot to breathe.


It is very important for autumn shoes to be stable. Even a slight stiffening of the heel counter is advisable. This way there is much less risk of twisting or dislocation of the leg due to the fact that the child will take an inappropriate step and the leg will “escape”. In addition, the lack of stiffening will make it appear or intensify the problem of valgus or hallux valgus feet.

Lace-up or buckled shoes – which to choose?

For younger children, it is a good idea to buy lace-up shoes. Then the child can put them on independently. Besides, untying laces can cause a fall if the toddler does not see it. Also for older children, you can bet on Velcro, especially if the child does not like tying shoes and has a problem with perpetually untied and dirty laces.

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