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Educational toy ideas

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Educational toy ideas

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A child’s learning of new skills and exploring the world should take place in a fun atmosphere. That is why children learn most easily through play. We suggest what educational toys are best for your toddler.

Choosing the right toys for a child is often a challenge for young parents. First of all, they should depend on the age of toddler, to support his development and help him better discover the world around him. We suggest which educational toys to choose.

Toys for toddlers

For a newborn the best toy will certainly be all kinds of cuddly toys, which will help him fall asleep and become his best friend for years. However, when the toddler is already 3 months old, he starts to get to know the world by touch and taste, and more and more often puts his hands in his mouth. It is then worth buying the toddler various types of teethers and pacifiers. This is also the time when you can start buying your child educational toys, namely educational mats, which are equipped with many different toys: playing, squeaking, rustling or simply pleasant and plush. Thanks to them, the toddler will start to learn about the world through play.

The most important moment, when it comes to toys for toddlers, is 6/7 months of age, when the baby starts to sit up independently. You can then choose slightly more complex toys such as shape sorters, manipulative boards, or simple cars and vehicles. If your baby can already stand on his feet, you may also decide on various types of strollers and other “rides” supporting baby’s motor development.

Remember, however, to always pay attention to the manufacturer’s age recommendation label when choosing a toy. It will allow you to determine whether the package does not contain, for example, small elements that could be swallowed by your child. Also look at the composition of the toys. Wooden toys will be the healthiest for your child and also the most ecological. Moreover, they allow a child to think creatively much better than their plastic and artificially colored counterparts.

Toys for slightly older children

A great idea for developing toys for slightly older children are various kinds of building blocks. Thanks to them a toddler’s creativity develops, as well as his motor skills. In order to choose the most interesting and the best ones for your kid, you’ll be helped by the store with toys for kids Łotrzyk, where you’ll find, among other things, Cada pads. A great suggestion for older children will also be puzzles. They will help in learning concentration and logical thinking.

Outdoor games

Let’s not forget about toys that allow for active outdoor play. Movement is very important in a small child’s life and allows him to develop motor skills. So choose for your little one different types of balls, jumping ropes and other items that allow interesting outdoor activities, and if you have a large enough garden, trampolines for the garden will also be a great option

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