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5 accessories for night feedings

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5 accessories for night feedings

Babies need a stone up to a dozen times a day. Mothers of newborns have to interrupt their sleep to feed their baby. It is worth preparing for night feeding in order to improve your own and your baby’s comfort. Whether you breast-feed or bottle-feed your baby, it’s important to give him more peace and quiet at night. Dimmed lights, less stimulation and a little background noise may help. Here are 5 useful accessories that are great for nighttime feedings

Baby supply stores are full of gadgets to help you care for and nurture your baby. When putting together your layette, it’s a good idea to think about night feedings. There are a few items you should have in your baby’s room to give your little one and yourself a better time for a peaceful feeding

Top 5 accessories for night-time feedings

Feeding light

During nighttime feedings, it is important to do so in a light. By keeping it twilight, the infant will not be aroused despite interrupted sleep. It is also a way for the baby to learn to distinguish the time of day and know that night is a time of rest, not activity. The bedside lamp helps mom to properly breastfeed the baby or give him a bottle of formula milk. During the first weeks of the baby’s life, it is recommended to have the lamp on all night so that parents can better see the baby sleeping in the crib

Feeding chair

When decorating a room or a corner for a baby it is worth preparing a special place for feeding. A comfortable armchair will be an ideal solution; it can be an earlobe model or a rocking chair. It is important that the mother can sit in it comfortably and that it is easy to find a comfortable feeding position. A very comfortable solution will be to place a footrest next to the chair, which will allow mom to relax

A humming toy

A big help in getting an infant to sleep can be the presence of what is known as white noise. It is a kind of pleasant humming, which is supposed to imitate the sounds the baby heard in the prenatal period. The association with the stay in mom’s belly, combined with light rocking and swaying can significantly help to calm the child and accelerate the process of falling asleep. During nighttime feedings, it’s a good idea to turn on a humming toy to help your baby fall asleep again

Water bottle

Women after childbirth and pregnancy should take special care of their health. An important part of proper nutrition is hydration. Especially moms with lactation problems should drink several glasses of water each day. During night feeding, the throat can often become dry, so it is worth having a water bottle prepared in advance. Thanks to a tightly closed bottle there is no fear that the liquid will accidentally spill. It is worth using bottles with a filter, which are more environmentally friendly than disposable bottles made of plastic

Feeding pillow

The basis of feeding a newborn is to find a comfortable position, both for mom and baby. A feeding pillow may turn out to be a helpful gadget. Its shape allows you to adjust its height and position to your own preferences. The pillow can also serve as a support for the baby while training lying on the stomach position

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