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5 reasons to buy a learning mat

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5 reasons to buy a learning mat

Educational mat is a gadget designed for the youngest. It will allow the toddler to learn new things and give parents a moment of rest. See what other benefits this toy brings

1. Educational mat is a safe place to play

Playing on the floor is dangerous. Panels are too hard, carpets have a lot of dirt, and spreading out blankets is awkward. That’s why you should invest in a functional solution. The mat is very soft and very easy to keep clean. Most products of this type can be washed in a washing machine.

2. Educational mat develops coordination

The mat will encourage your child to look at surrounding toys and surfaces. With time, your child will start to notice more and more details, and after some time of playing, he will learn to determine the distance and will know whether he can reach a toy or not

3. Educational mat stimulates senses

Different colors, textures and sounds, which are most often found in the toys hanging on the mat, will make your baby’s sight, hearing and touch work with redoubled force.

4. Educational mat supports motor development

This gadget is your baby’s first playground. It will allow you to freely rotate from side to back and tummy. It is perfect for getting to know the motor capabilities of the body

5. Educational mat will come in handy while travelling

When you go on a visit to your friends or on vacation, take the easily retractable mat with you. It will allow you to create a play area for your child in any space.

From when can I use the play mat?

You can place your baby on it from the very beginning. Of course, at the beginning he won’t reach out for toys and won’t smile at his reflection in the mirror. Toddlers can use the mat on their own from the age of about 3 months. However, this is a very individual issue.

Does your child already play on such a mat?

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